Peugeot rear suspension - Kimion
Hi All
I?ve recently noticed that my 306 xsi's rear suspension is not level. The Drivers side is about an inch lower than the n/s.
It's constantly like this, but the car feels fine when pushing down on each corner ( falls and rises smoothly )
It?s a '94 with 97000 on clock.
I've read that it might be the axle bearings, but no real idea.
Any suggestions? Any need to worry?
And how much is it likely to cost to repair?
Peugeot rear suspension - Andrew-T
Might be one of the rear torsion bars?
Peugeot rear suspension - Kimion
Thanks for your reply Andrew.
checked all the rear mounts and connections, with no problems.
Both torsion bars look straight enough, but how would one look if it were damaged?
I had a similar problem with an old 205, one side sunk down, followed by the other, then the suspension siezed.
just hope im not going down the same road, and if i am, is there anything i can do to prevent siezure?
Peugeot rear suspension - David Lacey
Question...To the best of your knowledge, has the car been 'played with' or modified at all? Sounds like one of the torsion bars is one spline out....often as a result of a botched lowering operation.
Peugeot rear suspension - Kimion
Not to my knowledge. Everything on the car seems standard and it was family owned for 4 of its years. The front suspension is also at normal levels. The only thing that stands out, is the two mounts connectiog the rear suspension assembly to the car - they look new. Is it possible the torsion bars could have been affected if new mounts needed to be put in due to corrosion?
And is it an easy enough job to get the splines matching?
Peugeot rear suspension - Fullchat
To fit the mounts it would not be necessary to interfere with the torsion mounts. Its a matter of dropping the whole axle by undoing the 4 mounts and shocks then replacing the mountings as required. As regards getting the splines to match - sorry have never gone that far.

Peugeot rear suspension - Andrew-T
Haven't any personal experience of rear torsion bar problems, but I recently collected a friend from the airport in his 94L 405 diesel, and one of the rear bars failed suddenly on a pothole. He was piggybacked back home, and the local Peugeot dealer (Carlisle) fitted a new bar the next day, so the job can't be enormous.

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