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E class AMG line. - Two months with an e class - barney100

I've had a couple of months with my 2016 e class 220 cabriolet and I was initially worried the 220 wasn't powerful enough for a large car but it's fine. Cruises along at 70 with little effort and though not a flier has plenty of grunt for overtaking. The cabin is really nice, everything seems good quality, I've proofed the hood for autumn and will do it again maybe December. The handling is fine and even on 19' wheels it rides well, got the gear paddles which I am using a bit, the boot is a fair size with the divider up and the economy is really very far so good.

E class AMG line. - Two months with an e class - badbusdriver

It may not have a huge amount of power, as in BHP, but unless you drive like a boy racer, torque is much more relevant. In your case, 400nm from 1400-2800rpm, more than sufficient!.

To provide some context, our recently departed Honda Jazz had 123nm @ 5000rpm.

But the fact that you like it is the main thing, so carry on enjoying it!.


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