Reputation of BMW drivers - Oz
Often when I experience frustrating behaviour from other motorists (including speeding past my house), I look to the offending vehicle and discover to my disappointment that it's a BMW. Disappointing, because I'm a BMW driver too, and am aware of the rather tarnished reputation that exists in the motoring community.
Some time ago I therefore started trying overtly to show courtesy to other motorists wherever relevant, in order to spread the message that "we aren't all loonies, we just have an average share of them."
Am I fighting a losing battle?
Oz (as was)
Reputation of BMW drivers - frostbite
Please come and drive your BMW around my way in order to improve the average.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Aprilia
I was always polite and drove 'steadily' when I had my 7-series, but often still got adverse reaction from other drivers. I also found that owners of the 'lesser' BMW's would make a point of trying to overtake me, presumably to 'prove' something.

Personally, I think the marketing people have a lot to answer for. Who would want to buy 'The Ultimate Driving Machine'? - the 'ultimate driver' of course.
Anyway, I'm out of it now.
Reputation of BMW drivers - eMBe {P}
Oz - I too am a BMW (E39) driver, and I hope I fall in to your category. Generalising and stereotyping, we can consider the following:

I believe the problem arises because the E39 (and the new E60, according to last issues of Autocar and TopGearMagazine) is the world's best executive saloon car. Now, these cars being more "sporty" than the E-class Mercs, they appeal to a certain type of personality. Add to it the fact that the 3-series E45 is considered near perfect by the likes of HJ, and the fact that it is the favoured choice of "boy-racers" who are moving up-market, and that there is also the "politics of envy" to contend with. Mix all these ingredients together and you can see the where the trouble is coming from.

eM.Be. # Note: {P} means I am DECLARING that my profile can be viewed.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Dude - {P}
I too am a BMW driver, and aim to drive courteously and with consideration to other road users at all times, - but I am retired and started driving, when courtesy was the norm. When I read some of the threads written by mainly younger drivers on some of the BMW forums, it makes me absolutely cringe. There is no doubt IMHO, that Joe Public is anti BeeM, and this is largely due to a minority of lunatics, who quite frankly are`nt worthy of their driving licence. This anti BMW stance has definitely clouded my enjoyment of owning a superb car, and may influence my future purchasing decisions, which is a great shame, as they are without question "The Ultimate Driving Machine".
Reputation of BMW drivers - Nortones2
Agreed. The tinge of embarrassment now associated with driving a BMW may well put off the more thoughtful. This has an unfortunate result perhaps, of increasing the concentration of yahoos in the BMW driver population.
Reputation of BMW drivers - meldrew
Regrettably, when driving a tatty Fiesta all the BMW drivers I come across are pushy prats - which can cause them problems as my tatty Fiesta is somewhat quicker than it looks. Another insight into my personality for the profile conscious.

Mrs B however drives her BMW with courtesy but minimal tolerance of bad driving by others.

I think the main problem is that modern cars do not need much skill to drive in an idiotic manner without coming to any harm. It is not restricted to BMWs or any other make for that matter.

Meldrew {XP}
Reputation of BMW drivers - Steve S
I hope you guys don't let these media fed stereotypes put you off the cars that you like. That would be a victory for the cretins.

Of course there are bad drivers in BMs just like any other make, but they are well outnumbered if anyone ever bothered to count up.

People like their tabloids and tabloids love grouping people and stereotyping it all saves having to think.

If you drive a BMW - you're a boy racer, if you drive a 4x4 you're a school mum, if you drive a Volvo - you lane hog - God it's all soooo tedious.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Mark (RLBS)
God it's all soooo tedious.

Amen to that.
Reputation of BMW drivers - HY
What does it meen the "ultimate driving machine"? Is it definable by a firm suspension, overpowered engines, extra wide & low profile tyres, aggressive front end etc.?
A couple years ago we had two "executive" cars in our company, BMW '7' and Peg 605. People, who didn't care about a badge, me included always have prefered Peg over Beemer for long journeys, for softer ride, better handling (!) and overall more relaxing drive.

Reputation of BMW drivers - J Bonington Jagworth
It was all nicely summarised by the Audi TV ad of a few years back: the theme was a young, pushy, pratphone-toting, city banker having a test drive in an Audi. After a quick spin, he brings it back and tells the salesman, "Naah, not my type of car, know what I mean?". Unfortunately, we knew exactly what he meant, which was of course the point of the advert.

Present company excepted, I hasten to add... :-)
Reputation of BMW drivers - Dude - {P}
HY my interpretation of the ultimate driving machine is that any car is the sum of many parts, and IMHO BMW have got more of the parts right than any other manufacturer, and that includes M.Benz, who now get far more electrical glitches and build quality problems than BeeM. You mentioned Peugeots, and I would say, they have one of the most stylish ranges currently on sale today, but when it comes to build quality, I personally could not live with the rattles, trim falling off and generally cheaply sourced materials. I also accept that the Pugs ride exceptionally well, but when it comes to pin sharp placing of a vehicle in a series of twisty bends, the Beemer is in a league of it`s own. This all comes back to high performance motoring, and with speed restrictions and blanket camera coverage in the U.K. today, nobody should be driving at these sort of speeds anyway!!!!
Reputation of BMW drivers - Nortones2
Steve: its from observation not the tabloids that I feel that some types gravitate to Series 3 especially. Its a bit knee-jerk to assume the gutter press has much influence. Don't read them, nor see much TV, so I'd say my view is from unpleasant experience of the substantial number of unpleasant/mad BMW drivers.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Steve S

I don't drive a BM, so I have no axe.

The fact that you notice "substantial numbers" of 3 series being driven badly is what I would expect given they are incredibly common place. What might be interesting is to count the number you see driven OK, that will restore the balance.

I think you seriously underestimate how much influence the red tops and thr increasingly tabloid TV has.

It's no assumption that the press has a substantial influence - why else do politicians and their organisations spend fortunes to make sure they get the trash media behind them?

Mention it enough - it becomes the truth.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Nortones2
Steve: no doubt that if a tabloid runs a campaign, people will be influenced. What they can't control is which way:) Maybe I should have made it clearer: they don't influence if you don't read them, and my response is as an individual who rarely reads tabloids. It doesn't take long enough unless you have a reading ability of about 12 years, which is where they aim. I have thought on the lines you suggest, about quantifying/identifying the loons, but that is beyond my capabilities whilst driving, as I need to concentrate on what I am doing:) Maybe the police should allow for a fee, (and possibly some indemnity from minor self-inflicted infringements) the installation of video camera fore and aft, to catch the "acceleration lane to lane 3 in one move" sweepers, et al. The police never seem to be there when these hooligans are about, so the cause of road safety would be better served by a sprinkling of mobile, unidentifiable, narks, who download the contents daily to uber-augen.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Steve S
"The police never seem to be there when these hooligans are about"

That's true enough, and I don't read 'em either but my God, you only have to hear some people to realise how much influence they have.
Reputation of BMW drivers - CM
I have an E39 estate (with a noisy engine) but think that the worst of the inconsiderate drivers are usually found in the 3 series saloon/coupes.

The 5 series saloon is often an offender as well (the estate is less common)

The 7 series driver wafts along a bit aloof to the world but I find generally well driven.

So it really comes down to the 3 series driver.
Reputation of BMW drivers - THe Growler
V. poor rep in the Land of Sun & Fun as well. Usually driven by snot-nosed kids who are the offspring of Congressmen (i.e. you can't touch me I'm above the law) or rich Filipino-Chinese (I've got more money than you so I'm more important). Never liked the wretched cars anyway, very cramped in the front (the 3 series) and not that special to drive.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Altea Ego
Yes its the 3 and 5 series (not estates in either) driver that give the bad impression. It only seemd to happen following the yuppie years.
Reputation of BMW drivers - edisdead {P}
In my experience the owners of smaller engined, 'base model' 3-series are generally far worse offenders than those with the plusher models. Got something to prove. To someone.
I wouldn't mind a 3 myself, if i could afford one ;-)
Reputation of BMW drivers - Tony N
In my experience the owners of smaller engined, 'base model' 3-series
are generally far worse offenders than those with the plusher models.
Got something to prove. To someone.
I wouldn't mind a 3 myself, if i could afford one


Exactly right, its always a 318i...
Reputation of BMW drivers - daryld
This is a very good thread..

A few 'BMW driver' facts:

1. My neighbour drives a 330i, has 9 penalty points, spends more time time at weekends washing and waxing it than time spent with his kids, and remarked to me once about other drivers being of 'the lower orders'.

2. My brother is a policeman, and a colleague of his is a traffic cop who readlily admits to preferring to pull over a BMW driver rather than the ordinary bloke in his Mondeo.

3. Another neighbour has just bought a 51-reg Audi A4 convertible: Why not an equivalent BMW? His response: The BMW image.

4. My manager drives a BMW; at lunch a group of us jokingly asked him why BMW drivers never indicate when turning right at a
roundabout. His serious response: You do not need to indicate when turning right at a roundabout!! Doh!

5. Re: Same neighbour from 1 above. When his BMW was in for a warranty repair I offered him a lift in my car. Instead of using my wife's VW Golf I used the family shopping trolley: A Seat Arosa 1.7 diesel. And I drove it as slow as possible and allowed other drivers to overtake, etc. His face said it all-agony!

Reputation of BMW drivers - CM

I like your facts (save for number 2!)

Anyway, on my way to gt some lunch and saw BMW's original sports car, and some say the only true one they bought.

A red M1. Quite a rare sight (and it was being slowly and with consideration for others)
Reputation of BMW drivers - 330d
Well daryld, with comments like yours poor old BMW drivers should be getting some sympathy, not a good kicking! I don't believe that drivers change when they change car, they'd be prats no matter what they were driving, only perhaps not so obvious. So only your BMW owning neighbour has any speeding points in your area and cares enough about his motor to keep it clean? I'd be seriously worried that a policeman would admit to pulling over the driver of ANY make of car in preference to any other. Other neighbour prefers Audi, so what? Did you ask him why he didn't buy a Mercedes convertible? THought not. We all know our managers are stupid, so that proves nothing. And finally, you drive your Seat Arosa at a speed that sounds as though your were an obstruction to other traffic and a menace to other road users just to get at your BMW owning neighbour? Get a life man! What make of cars 'dared' to overtake you, hope it wasn't any of those nasty BMW drivers? How about a 'Reputation of Seat Arosa 1.7 diesel drivers' thread?
Reputation of BMW drivers - Ian (Cape Town)
When the box-shaped 3-series Bimmer arrived in SA in the mid 80s, every man and his dog was after them, due to the status symbol involved. The price went up accordingly.
By 88, the market had reached it's own level, and a mate was telling me of his colleagues, who'd gone out and spent over the odds on a 316 [carb model] which had NO nothing! No electrics, sunroof, alloy wheels, A/C ... poor acceleration, basic seats, basic everything!
Apparently, these beasts cost 10% MORE than an equivalent engine-sized Ford/Opel/Toyota/Nissan etc, which had all the bells and whistles!
As he said "Image is everything! There is more add-on in a base-model Corolla than in a 316!"
Makes you think ...

Reputation of BMW drivers - eMBe {P}
Remember, this is all for fun - BMW driver baiting and bashing - as any delinquent juvenile or vandal worth his salt will tell you.

As I said in my initial post above, think of it as "politics of envy". Let me quote a respected motoring expert who recently said
in the Daily Telegraph
" .... I suppose, if we were honest, we would all have a BMW. I know I would: a top specification 3-series diesel estate, black with cream leather, strikes me as very nearly the ideal car. True or false: BMWs all have gorgeous engines, handsome bodies, sophisticated aura, gentlemanly demeanour, lapidary physical integrity? BMW has 'em all. By many measures it is the most admired car company. With the exception of humility, it possesses every virtue. BMW even, in these strange times, makes lots of money. Just as the old saying went that no one ever got sacked for buying IBM, you never have to apologise for buying a BMW. The view is that BMW can do nothing wrong. ...."

I am quite happy to believe all this as true, and not worry about those who haven't the wherewithal to own or drive a BMW.
eM.Be. # Note: i have added {P} after my name to indicate that my profile can be viewed.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Miller
I must admit when I have driven my cousins 3 series in the past I have had an enhanced feeling of self importance and invunerability compared to driving my mondeo (dont ask me why though!)

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?!
Reputation of BMW drivers - Aprilia

"I am quite happy to believe all this as true, and not worry about those who haven't the wherewithal to own or drive a BMW."

Especially when overtaking, pulling out of junctions, entering roundabouts............ ;-)
Reputation of BMW drivers - THe Growler
As for politics of envy I can afford a BMW tomorrow, but it has no attraction for me (a) because it looks like every other jelly-mould clone on the market - if you put a Toyota badge on it no one would notice, (b) because of the bad rep it has and the jokes around the bar at my expense about my alleged need for Viagra on wheels (c) because where I live it is a definite target for carnappers and people who have a dislike of the cultural genre who buy one and who might just take that out on me (d) because it's over-priced for what it is, it's only an average car anyway, and (e) because Growlette wouldn't be seen dead in one because (she says) it's for billyboys. That's that, then. Oh and I can get two Harleys for the price of one BMW.
Reputation of BMW drivers - J Bonington Jagworth
"BMWs all have gorgeous engines, handsome bodies, sophisticated aura, gentlemanly demeanour, lapidary physical integrity"

Eh? The four-cylinder engines (which they sell the most of) are no better than anyone else's, and probably not as good as Honda's, and a number of their Nikasil-bored sixes had to be replaced. Handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder (JC once said that BMW only made one car, but in three different sizes), and 'sophisticated aura' is certainly a matter of opinion. Demeanour is not something one associates with a car - the driver, perhaps, in which case it applies in only a few cases, and the build quality is much the same as VAG or major Japanese, and inferior to, say, Porsche or Mercedes.

This discussion is largely about the badge, of course, rather than the cars, which are undoubtedly a reasonable product - just not as magical as some would have it. Funnily enough, I do own a BMW, only mine's got two wheels...
Reputation of BMW drivers - andymc {P}
The reason I have my eye on a (used) 320d for next year is that they're rear-wheel drive, which I found I preferred after experiencing it for a while, and because the diesel-engined versions have caught up with VAG in terms of achieving a combination of both power and economy, while seeming more refined and more reliable than the equivalent VAG product. The badge has nothing to do with it, I'd be equally keen if it had a Skoda badge (in fact, silly comparison as I rate Skodas quite highly regardless!)
The only alternative I can think of for a reliable, swift, RWD, diesel-engined car that can do over 45 mpg at normal speeds is Mercedes, and I'd be happy to own either marque (wouldn't we all!). It's just that as far as I can tell, Mercs tend to be slightly dearer to buy and insure and slightly less well-equipped, model for model. Am I mistaken about this? I also reckon a 3 year-old 3 or 5 Series will handle better than the equivalent C or E Class.
But - I have heard that the pedals are a bit offset in the 3-Series. Had that before in another car & hated it. Maybe it'll be a Merc after all!
Reputation of BMW drivers - Oz
Andy, I am delighted with my choice of a 320d, now 2 years old. Meanwhile I'm laughing all the way to the bank: cruising effortlessly at a steady 85 mph ;-) in France recently I got 47 mpg, and know I can easily get 55 mpg-plus at more moderate speeds. My friend in a BMW M roadster driving with rather more gusto needed to make an additional fuel stop on the same 180 mile journey. So you pays your money and you takes your choice as they say.
(Incidentally the supposed offset-pedal issue previously aired in this forum has never been an issue for me).
As to the key issue, we all have slightly different styles and preferences as to our driving habits. I am thick-skinned enough not to worry about the supposed reputation of BMW drivers, preferring to create and be accountable for my own reputation.
Oz (as was)
Reputation of BMW drivers - Dude - {P}
I know we have deviated from the original thread of questioning the sanity of some of the younger Beem driver`s standards, but I take issue with James Pickett ( J Bonington Jagworth) when he makes a bland statement that BMW build quality is on a par with Audi and inferior to Mercedes, without qualifying his statement. Firstly Audi make great bodies and their interior quality is superb, but their engines are carp, ( they can`t even afford the extra cost of chain cam drive on most of their engines). I know of several friends who complain of diabolical oil consumption ( 1 litre per 1000 miles), in fact my son had an A4 2.8 quattro from new, that only managed 800 miles /litre, and by 30k miles the engine sounded so rough, I advised him to get rid of it. As for Mercedes build quality, I question when you last closely examined the interior materials and quality of the C Class Merc, - they are just not what you expect from M. Benz and way below BMW & Audi standards. In addition , they are encountering a plethora of electrical problems, which is not acceptable, when you are spending well in excess of 20k. Please quantify your statements with facts in future, before making these sweeping mis-informed statements.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Pugugly {P}
Sticks and stones really. Drive a Defender - the only sensible comment on a recent TG was that a Landie was classless and it is.
I just love driving it to the local BMW dealership. I do feel different when driving it, but then again feel different in SWMBO's Mini and very different in the Hack Cavalier - but in their own ways I love them all - and I drive them all with as much care and consideration and admit that I occasionally fall below my own standard....the difference you can get away with it in the Landie and the Cav but attract fingers and fists in the BM...
Reputation of BMW drivers - M.M
There are several ages of BMW ownership...

Folks look at buying one because they might suit them.
New owners enjoy them for their particular qualities.
Owners start to perceive they are the best cars in the world.
Owners start boring others with this "fact".
Owners misinterpret coincidental and unconcerned glances of others as envy.
Owners grumble about the behaviour of the "lower orders" towards them on the road and believe it is a result of this "envy".
Owners feel a warmth and smugness that brings them to the pinnacle of BMW ownership.

I know some real gents who own BMWs and they all stop after point two. Others however bang on through the list and end up like the famous whirly whirly bird...

They are nice cars though!

Reputation of BMW drivers - Phil I
Your post should have carried health warning. Intrigued by the additional lettering - clicked on show profile - spilt elevenses coffee over the desk laughing.

Good start to the day. Thanks for that.
Phil I
Reputation of BMW drivers - M.M

Of course I lied a bit in my profile, I'm not important at all...the rest of it is true though!

If you want to know the real health of any company walk past the CEO and seek out the longest serving cleaner and drop him a pint...they know which way the wind is blowing.

Reputation of BMW drivers - J Bonington Jagworth
".. but their engines are carp"

Now who's generalising? None of us can claim to have done an exhaustive survey, but my 14-year old Audi has done 120k and uses so little oil that I sometimes worry that it's making the stuff. The 5-cylinder engine sounds so agreeable that I often drive with the windows down to hear more of it, and a friend's S280 Merc (with glass roof) is undoubtedly the best-finished car, inside and out, that I have sat in to date.

I've nothing against BM's, as it happens - I was just trying to counter the hagiography from the un-named 'motoring expert' in the Telegraph.
Reputation of BMW drivers - jeds
This was tongue in cheek at the time, and still is now, but is true.

I was with my 8 year old son. We had just come out of the local shop and were about to start the short cycle ride home. Pulling out of the shop car park was a yellow series 3 with go faster stripes painted on it - a fairly new one and obviously a professional paint job - hideous looking thing but there you are.

I said to my son; 'son, when you see a car like that, you have to be extra special careful and keep your eye on it'. Why's that dad? he asked.

'Because they're usually driven by idiots'. I said.

With that the car did a wheel spin pull away and roared down the road.

My boy looked at me with utter astonishment and said; 'whoa dad, you know everything'.

'Yep son, everything', I said.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Tony N
".. but their engines are carp"
Now who's generalising? None of us can claim to have done
an exhaustive survey, but my 14-year old Audi has done 120k
and uses so little oil that I sometimes worry that it's
making the stuff. The 5-cylinder engine sounds so agreeable that I
often drive with the windows down to hear more of it,
and a friend's S280 Merc (with glass roof) is undoubtedly the
best-finished car, inside and out, that I have sat in to
I've nothing against BM's, as it happens - I was just
trying to counter the hagiography from the un-named 'motoring expert' in
the Telegraph.

Agree totally. At 30k a VAG engine hasn't fully bedded in. You'll find at 60k+ the engine will stop using oil as the rings fully settle into the bores. Audis and Hondas are known for this and you'll find that the Audi hand book warns that oil consumption of upto 1l per 1000km is usual in certain conditions. The old Golf GTi/A80 1.8 was one of the best 4-cylinder engines ever made....
Reputation of BMW drivers - Dude - {P}
My comments were directed purely at M. Benz & V.A.G vehicles available in the showrooms today !! If I was referring to models from these companies, that were built 10 to 15 years ago, I totally agree that IMHO, the W124 E Class Merc was one of the finest and most reliable vehicles ever made and nigh bomb proof, and that the Mk 1 & 2 Golfs with the 1780 cc engine were truly outstanding and utterly reliable. Unfortunately companies change when the bean counters get involved, - Mercedes would appear to have attempted to save costs on their components, which has resulted in many electrical problems, and by switching their manufacturing away from Germany, (again to save costs), to South Africa for the C Class, has also contributed to an increase in build quality problems. One could accuse V.A.G of also reducing the costs and hence quality of their components, which has lead to a considerable reduction in their overall reliability (e.g. the fiasco with the coil problems recently). Finally to state that oil consumption of 1 litre per 1000 miles is perfectly acceptable, is to me horrendous, especially as V.A.G recommend Castrol SLX at almost £11 per litre,- particularly when most cars from the Far East today can comfortably run between 10k oil changes without the need to top up !!!
Reputation of BMW drivers - eMBe {P}
Dude said: referring to Mercs & VAG
.... Unfortunately companies change when the bean counters get involved, ... >>

Of course, BMW dont come in to this category. Again quoting my anonymous motoring expert,
"....The new BMW 5-series was being described as "the best car in the world" before its admirers had even cast eyes on it. That tells you something about the status surrounding BMW. Understandably, the company revels in such accolades. Officials quietly point out that it is just reward for an engineering-led design strategy free of the financial straitjackets some rivals impose on their research and development departments.

Engineering is the essence of a car in BMW's eyes, and the accountants' job is to find enough money to make it happen. Even so, BMW's marketing people are doubtless aware that many customers have little knowledge or interest in what lies beneath the wheel arches or under the bonnet. Rather, they bought the car because it had the right badge.

If fashionable status is a consequence of engineering freedom, it has obviously been a good long-term strategy ? especially when most people nowadays glaze over once you start talking about technology. But this flags up another problem. Having set out their stall, how can those engineers be expected to improve whatever it was that made their previous car the best in the world? What's more, they are obliged to do so every five years.

Unlike some of the stuff that comes out of Japan, which you never realised you needed, there are some obvious benefits here. ..."
Reputation of BMW drivers - CM
Rather, they bought the car
because it had the right badge.

Exactly, and I am happy to say that is why I bought my 530dT because of the badge.

I took the view that BMW badged cars lasted longer than other marques so I was happy to pay more in the belief that it will be cheaper in the long run. I am not planning to change it until it is knocking on the door of 200k miles. That means I should get another 8 years use out of it.

I know that this wasn't really wha you meant about buying because of the right badge!
Reputation of BMW drivers - J Bonington Jagworth
>>The new BMW 5-series was being described as "the best car in the world" before its admirers had even cast eyes on it. That tells you something about the status surrounding BMW.

Tells you something about motoring hacks, too...

I should have thought that reliability was a factor in this, too, and who tops those polls? Subaru, Toyota, Mazda...
Reputation of BMW drivers - bafta
Reputation of BMW drivers - Rob the Bus {P}
Well, in my neck of the woods we must be very blessed as I find that BMW drivers are split 75/25 in favour of courteous, skilled and patient drivers. I just guess that we're a lot more chilled out 'oop north'!

HAving said that, I did have a 3-series up my chuffer on the way to work at 6am yesterday morning, despite that fact that I was already doing 40 in a 30. At the first opportunity he shot past me looking down his nose at me in my 'D' reg Granada. I just looked at his rapidly disappearing big bore exhaust and personalised plate and thought something that rhymes with 'Mr Prosser'

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."
Reputation of BMW drivers - Rudolf
As far as I can see, having looked about after being alerted by this discussion, BMW drivers are no worse than any others.

Perhaps an early entry hit it on the head:-

>>there is also the "politics of envy" to contend with...

Which is a gut response, but not quite illogical, because generally they do not get all that much more for their money in terms of machinery; but they do feel superior, which upsets others; however, if they feel better, it's their money, surely.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Pugugly {P}
At least BMW UK haven't taken all the stereotyping too seriously and chosen to advertise on this site thus keepimg the site solvent - so some good do come from BMW drivers.
Reputation of BMW drivers - Andy P
Since this thread started, I've been keeping a closer eye on the drivers who:

(a) Exceed the speed limit by some margin

(b) Like to take a close look at the rear of my car when I'm legitimately overtaking slower traffic

and I've come to an interesting conclusion - it's not just BMW, it's all German cars. I am frequently tailgated by VW Passats, Golfs, 3-series BMWs, Mercs and so on.

But, having said that, I must also give a mention to the Vauxhall drivers who seem to use the M53 as an unofficial test track. One in particular, an Astra Convertible, regularly passes me at what I estimate to be close to or over 100mph (even in the rain like today).

Another mention goes to the modified Saxo brigade, who also appear to think that speed limits don't apply to them.

Reputation of BMW drivers - tunacat
Andy P, if it isn't all german models yet, the trend is growing:

I too remember the ad where the yuppie doesn't buy the Audi cos it's 'not his type of car mate', mentioned by J Bonington Jagworth, but have you seen the latest TV ad for the new Audi A3? All 'self-confidence' -or is it aggression and menace? The strap line is "New Attitude"...

Ho hum... sounds more like it's falling into the trap of "Same Attitude (as that other German '3' car)"

Value my car