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Just had my air mass sensor changed on my 318i along with spark plugs. me thinks that plugswere changed unnecessarily as old ones only 7k used. Should I complain and ask for cash back?
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Was the dealer aware the old plugs had only done 7k? Had this dealer previously changed them and noted it in the service history?
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i dont think you should complain as

1. at least he changes them rather than forgetting them like some dealers

2. its a bmw and they might have a regime where if the sensor is changed then so must the plugs be too so they can test the car for its fuel burning effectiveness and how well the ecu can change the mixture so he must have changed them to get better readings

J Stephenson
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It may rather depend on what precisely you asked the garage to do. Solve the problem or replace the AMS?
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The dealer diagnosed a faulty air mass sensor and also said that the spark plugs should be changed. As the car was serviced 10,000 km's ago I think this was a little aggressive. The dealer said that the plugs may have become 'pitted'. I would have thought you take one out and take a look at its condition and then recommend a change if required. Plugs fitted were NGK 4 tipped version.


all in bill to chage sensor and plugs 280
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A faulty air mass sesor could have caused problems with the plugs which may-repeat-may have been alright when the AMS was sorted but the dealer does not have unlimited time(unless you pay for it)and changed the plugs-I can see no cause for complaint.
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I would have thought you take one out and take a look at its
condition and then recommend a change if required.

Lets look at this from the dealers point of view. They remove your plugs. Before being inspected they need cleaning. Upon cleaning they either find:-
1. They\'re pitted, so throw them in the bin and fit new ones.
2. They\'re ok, but have to check the spark plug gap and adjust if necessary.

Either way it adds to the labour bill, which you then quibble with the garage as to why didn\'t they just fit new plugs and be done with it.

Most main dealer garages these days adopt the policy of replacing, rather that repairing, as the labour costs involved in the repair outweighs the price of just fitting a new component.
dealer rip off - kal
Fair enough, thanks guys.


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