Astra Coupe 2002 Tyre Pressures - PhilDews
Anyone have any knowledge of what the typre pressures should be. The manual figures seem extremely low and after inflating the tyres to those pressures, the handling isn't brilliant. The tyres are 205 55 16 (I think - the standard alloys) and the manual says something like 29 fr the pressure figure.

Astra Coupe 2002 Tyre Pressures - Andy P
Have you asked your local Vauxhall dealer what they should be?

Astra Coupe 2002 Tyre Pressures - M.M
From experience of similar car/tyre combinations I would say that anything in the range F28:R26 to F34:R32 (there are a few cars a little higher than this) would be normal so your 29 sounds near enough.

What isn't right about the handling and what type are the tyres?

It is unlikely to feel better softer so try F32:R30 and see what that's like.

Having said that I do not have a book for your specific model and would advise looking at the advice it gives again. Is there a higher set of pressures for use at speed or with a load?

Astra Coupe 2002 Tyre Pressures - John S

The tyre pressures in the manual seem bizarre - quite why the coupe has lower pressures than the equivalent hatch is unclear. There is no significant difference in the kerb weights. For example our 1.8 SXi has a 'normal' front pressure of 2.2 bar (32 psi) and I think has the same 205/60x16 tyres as your car.

Try running the coupe with the 'full load' pressure (2.2 bar) at the front and the same 2.2 at the rear. Don't use the full load pressure at the rear unless it is fully loaded as it make them very bumpy!


John S

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