1.3 mk2 golf hall sender - Sarb11
Trying to change the hall sender on my motor with great difficulty. The Haynes manual is not very helpful. Get stuck on the rotor which I cannot remove (not rotor arm) it moves a certain amount but a long way from coming out. It says in the haynes manual that it is supposed to slide out and to collect the pin afterwards but it does not slide out at all.

Any tips?
1.3 mk2 golf hall sender - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
You may have to drive out the pin holding the drive dog / gear at the base of the shaft, allowing the shaft (complete with reluctor) to be drawn out from the top of the distributor body, as some reluctors are not removeable from the shaft.

Regards, Adam
1.3 mk2 golf hall sender - Sarb11
thanks for the advice managed to get it off to reveal a broken covering plate which i think was impeding the hall sender.


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