Personalised Number Plates - paul swindon
Recently seen around Swindon - plate K9 ODG. Was this a dyslexic spotty youth in Halfords or just someone who couldn't get DOG. Any other interseting plates around which don't quite make sense or only mean something to the owner?
Personalised Number Plates - Vansboy
Mine, on my van, as mentioned previously.....
Soon to go on HER car our surname is Budgen

(Sorry about this)

Personalised Number Plates - DavidHM
Best one I've ever seen was BAxxARD, issued between September 2001 and February 2002. It won't be filtered here either, but somehow they let that one out. It was on a black 911 and does appear to be genuine from the AA Car Data Check.

Also WAL3S on a silver E Class and and YEL10W on a yellow SLK. I guess they make sense to other people though.
Personalised Number Plates - edisdead {P}
I saw L4TTE yesterday. Chain coffee bar exec?
Personalised Number Plates - DieselBoy
Two which used to be seen around my neck of the woods:


Must be something in the water round here...!
Personalised Number Plates - AndyLucas881
I believe K1 NKY was owned by ex Manchester City and now Derby footballer Georgi Kinkladze. Might be wrong, it was very similar if not this plate. He had it on a Lotus Esprit for a while.

Personalised Number Plates - Andrew-T
Someone witha grudge against his cable supplier? PO02NTL

A high-flier? BU51WYZ
Personalised Number Plates - FergusTheDog
I have only ever seen two prat plates that were even slightly amusing:

K9 WUF on a Toyota Supra
OBO 110 X on an old Merc 230E

It's been said before, why not just change your name to HD52DEQ ?
Personalised Number Plates - thebouncingbunny
just saw K11RSK (looked like kursk)on a lady driven ka(ck)
going down???......
Personalised Number Plates - Martin Devon

Personalised Number Plates - Vansboy
Bad enough going on a boat (could be a car ferry-motor link) but one thats DESIGNED to sink,I'm not so sure!!

Personalised Number Plates - Pugugly {P}
as seen on the roads in Wales a C5 reg. no C5 YYY all you need is a question mark!
Personalised Number Plates - Martin Devon
Was Pug motoring down the M5 from J27 last Tuesday late midday ish. Saw a BM going like stink. Interesting No.Plate.

Personalised Number Plates - Pugugly {P}
Not me.....Last time I had looked I had plates which are none suf/prefix;- they came off a tractor before they changed the law.
Personalised Number Plates - ndbw
Have seen a motor cruiser in the Bristol Channel called PISTON BROKE,must be an expensive hobby.

Personalised Number Plates - Anata
I managed to get GOOD TLC on my South African Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series. My surname is Good, true it's sad but it seemed a shame not to.

Well actually its 'Good TLC GP' - the GP is the province suffix common on all vehicles registered in the province. Johannesburg is in Gauteng Province. As an aside amusingly and appropriately given our backdrop Gauteng is an anagram of 'get a gun'.

Personalised Number Plates - Ian (Cape Town)
Gangsta's Paradise...
On a similar note, our local suffix is WP [western province].
However, western province doesn't exist, it is the western cape.
However, "WC" would look silly...
Personalised Number Plates - THe Growler
Can't offer much from the Philippines, our plates are very conventional, although I did see "ZZZ 999" cruising at 50 kph in the fast lane recently with dozens of vehicles backed up behind it....
Personalised Number Plates - LHM
I'll have to come clean and admit that I bought S2WEC (direct from DVLA) for the princely sum of £250 when the 'S' prefix was released in 1998. Being too stingy to buy a new car at the time, the number sat quietly on retention until I could justify such a recent vehicle! I finally transferred it onto a 'T' plate Volvo S80 about three weeks ago.

Before you say, "so what?", I might add that for the past 40-odd years I've had to put up with continually spelling out my Polish surname - SZWEC - so it's been nice to take advantage of it for a change!!

Mind you, I still have doubts about the vanity aspect of it all, and might yet get rid of it :-)
Personalised Number Plates - Richard Turpin
I sold NPC 1L recently for £350. It was only later that I discovered that NCP is owned by National Parking Controls Ltd.
Personalised Number Plates - Crombster
Saw W1TCH on a Porsche Carrera 4 today. A high powered vroomstick :)
Personalised Number Plates - JamesH
The parents of someone I went to school with had (and probably still have) K9 DOG. In the same area there used to be an old Jaguar with OGO 2L, around well before the introduction of DVLA Select. There was also a plate with three letters followed by 1 (can't remember exactly) on an ageing beige Maestro - the plate must have been worth much more than the car.

My dad put a B-reg personalised plate on his new car last year. There is a reverse effect since it has a date hiding plate, rather than a (then new) 02 plate.

Personalised Number Plates - smokie
Are they dyslexic?
Personalised Number Plates - smokie
^^ post refered to national parking...
Personalised Number Plates - DIRM
I remember when I was young seeing BEN 50N (neatly spaced to spell BEN50N). Can't remember the car but might have been a gold RR Corniche. Was heading south down the A1 near Doncaster at the time & was the first personalised plate I'd really noticed. This was quite a while ago, so I wonder what this one would sell for now?
Personalised Number Plates - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I have T 2NUP on my 'Tune-Up' van and M99REY on the wifes Espace.

Simplicate and add lightness!
Personalised Number Plates - hxj

How about

DAN 15 H

Used to see it in Welwyn Garden, outside the offices of a certain sales organisation, any guesses which one ...
Personalised Number Plates - Marcos{P}
Not the one with the logo written in red along Parkway.
Personalised Number Plates - henry k
NO 5 seen around Heathrow on a black van belonging to well known French perfume company
Personalised Number Plates - GrumpyOldGit
The best ever must be SAA13 on a Saab belonging to the big London dealer whose name I can't remember. The 1 and 3 are very close together so it looks like it just says SAAB.

I've also seen SAM50N and MER1X. (If anyone knows where MER1X is please let me know. A Range Rover that deliberately tried to ram my Metro on the M4.)

This dates me but who remembers Fiona Richmond in Mayfair? She had an E Type with FU2. Took great delight when stopped by the boys in blue, which was often, in anserwing the 'Do you know the registration number...?' question with 'FU2 officer!'

I have K18MGX on an MG ZR. For those that don't know it has a 'K' series 1.8 engine, and it's MG-X Power. At £250 from DVLA it's a cheap way to get rid the AB 03 CDE type plate. Hopefully it makes it a bit more desirable at sale time.
Personalised Number Plates - THe Growler
Yes I must pick up on Fiona Richmond's FU 2. I have mentioned it earlier. She had it on a primrose yellow E-Type and I often used to see her on the A23 around Brighton. A friendly wave would usually get two fingers and a breezy smile in return..
Personalised Number Plates - bafta
Growler, memories eh! Fiona Richmond, now that was a girl with attitude. I lived down there at the time and remember that car. I think the boys in blue only ever pulled her up so they called have a shifty at her tight and often indiscreet kit.
Personalised Number Plates - GrumpyOldGit
I last saw FU2 on a black Range Rover on the M4 a couple of years back. The driver looked a lot like Paul Raymond.
Personalised Number Plates - Wooster
In the USA these registration plate are (sort of) looked down on, and are called "Vanity Plates". Pehaps they only really work in the UK where everyone is so aware of their own status.
Personalised Number Plates - Vansboy
Just came back from a trip to Iceland, looks like they can have what they like.
MMC on Pajero
LION on 206cc
JACK on Jeep
No messing about with numerals or spacings, over there.
And it's colder back here!!

Lower case letters... - NorthernKev {P}
Saw a Land Rover last night with OiL 1234 [sic]. I thought it was illegal to have lower case letters?

Lower case letters... - bernie
For a staight no nonsense "name" plate how about JOE 1 or VINCE
both in my locale
Personalised Number Plates - Bilgewater
There used to be a jaguar XJ6 in Suffolk with OGO 2L.
Personalised Number Plates - smokie
I saw FORIIM earlier today, with a black dot to make it FORUM. OK, I understand the word, but I wonder what significance it had so that someone wanted a number plate of it?
Personalised Number Plates - Pugugly {P}
Seem to recall it as a...ahem...nature magazine in the 70s. Good way to make money.
Personalised Number Plates - clariman
T80TTY spotted on a Jag up for sale on the road locally
Personalised Number Plates - greenhey
Seems to me it\'s only worth being in this game if you have a good one .
Often I see plates on cars which must have cost a lot, and I think for the effect achieved, the money would have been better spent on the car . It often suggest someone with self-esteem problems.
Any way the best one I ever saw was on a car run by a rep from a lingerie company...BRA 42B
Personalised Number Plates - bartycrouch
I know what you mean about some of the plates. I love the little private plate adverts that you get in Autocar where they have to put what its supposed to be in brackets after the registration. It's the total optimism that gets me!
Personalised Number Plates - smokie
Spotted today, on a square plate on a 4x4


and that is exactly how it was written. It wasn't even a rounded 5 - it was an S.

Personalised Number Plates - clariman
Spotted today, on a square plate on a 4x4

Perhapts it was a corrupted ASK 6J?
Personalised Number Plates - Mark (RLBS)
Alf - apologies I deleted your note by mistake. I'm afraid I didn't even read it first. Sorry about that.

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