Faltering Micra - Munky
I own a 1993 Nissan Micra 1.0 with 66,000 miles on the clock which has recently started faltering slightly when accelerating (particularly in 2nd and 3rd gear). The engine has also begun idling unevenly.

All hoses etc. seem okay but I have checked the HT leads and found that one of them has some oil at the end along with a small quantity of oil around the top of the spark plug at the base of the hole. The rest of the leads appear clean.

The HT lead seems the most likely problem but does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?
Faltering Micra - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
The oil is seeping under the seal at the top of the spark plug hole.
Micras have a common fault with throttle body failures but I think you may be on track with the HT lead theory as the oil will act as a conductor for the spark.

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Faltering Micra - Munky
Nice one. Thanks for the advice.

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