V5C What To Do With It? - galwayman
Hi lads.
I am from Ireland and planning to import a vehicle from the Uk in a couple of days time.
My understanding from online research is that I need the V5C form in order to register it when I get it back to Ireland. My understanding is also that the dealer usually fills in some section of this V5C document and sends it to the DVLA (I think indicating that the car has been exported).

To cut a long story short - there is an “optional” admin fee of £200 that the dealer is looking to charge.
Many of the supposed benefits of this charge are inapplicable to me (as I’m bringing the car outside of the uk).
Failure to pay means that I will have to tax the car myself (not a problem) but also then process the V5C form myself.

I’m just wondering if anyone could explain what this means exactly?
Is it merely a case of me filling out some section of the V5C - putting myself down as the new owner and the dealer as the previous owner?

Thanks in advance for any help.
V5C What To Do With It? - Andrew-T

If the process is followed to the letter, the seller returns part of the V5C to DVLA and hands the remainder to the buyer for him to return. As this car is to be re-registered 'abroad' the process is presumably more complicated. Better ask DVLA or the Irish equivalent.

V5C What To Do With It? - Cris_on_the_gas

The transfer of registered keeper can be done online. As far as I am aware most dealers do it this way as its much better. You get instant confirmation of the transfer.

So I would not pay £200 for 2 minutes on a computer.

It's then your responsibility to tell DVLA that you will be exporting the vehicle. Again easy to do on line


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