Volvo S40 1.9D - stan
I've spotted a Volvo S40 diesel I'm considering buying. I have read HJ's comments. Are they generally reliable? (mine will do a relatively high annual mileage.) What problems have owners encountered ??


Volvo S40 1.9D - M.M

My hands-on impression is that these V40s are more what you'd expect from Renault in build quality...and not that brilliant to drive.

If they're exactly what you want then fair enough but not head and shoulders above the rif-raf as prospective Volvo owners might hope.

Particularly annoying for me is a light clattery sound from the engine in the oft used 2000-3000rpm range when gaining speed...injectors I guess.

But then I'd look at a Rover 75.


Volvo S40 1.9D - DavidHM
I suppose it depends on how good the car is, and how cheap.

Generally though, S40s are neither particularly good, nor particuarly cheap.
Volvo S40 1.9D - Flat in Fifth

I regularly rent cars and in order to keep costs down usually book a small car. Next week I've got a Clio booked.

I'm just getting ready for that heart sinking feeling when they say, as usual, oh we've upgraded you and its an S40/ V40.

Says something that I'd rather have the Clio. Comprende?

Now an S60, totally different kettle of fish.

Rover 75 came very close to being selected last car change time just to give support to MM's view. Don't listen to the advocates of the 75's are for Grandads and that the chassis is poor. They can be hustled along very smartly and comfortably eye thank yew!


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