Secure child seats for BMW 5 series - serial dad
I have a 94 registered BMW525 and I am about to buy a second one. I have tried to find a car seat that will sit securely in the back seats (I will need to put two baby seats in the back, one for a two yr old and one for a nine month old) but cannot find one that will not sway sideways.

I have tried BMW, Halfords and even asked the Police! to no avail.

The problem appears to be due to the slight bucket style of the seat itself and the belts coming from the centre to lock into the receptor which is in the seat itself.

Any help gratefully received
Secure child seats for BMW 5 series - Altea Ego

Each Mothercare shop should have a trained car seat advisor, I would try your local mothercare superstore. At the very least they have a larger range than halfords and will let you try each seat they have.

Britax have a customer help line 01264386064
or try
The In Car Safety Centre - 01908 220909
Quickfit Safety Belt Service - 0208 2060101

Just out of interest, my local maternity hospital would not let you take the baby home in your car unless the Midwife had checked the seating arrangements for the baby, and this was 13 years ago!

Its inexcusable that BMW cant advise re this.


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