Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - simmo
Could anyone advise me. Are there likely to be any potential problems with using Slick 90 in my Jazz. Most of my journeys are the worst sort, very short and hardly get off choke.

These trips wore out a sierra I had from new, but the same habits have not made any impact on the mondeo that replaced it.

I am cautious this time as engine management systems are getting so complex.

PS- HJ thanks for the buying advice. Jazz,a brilliant car.
Fits 5 in comfort!!68 mpg at a steady 70, and 50 mpg around town, and nippy too!
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - Dave N
The only down-side is wasting your money. PTFE doesn't help an engine as it can't stick to metal at normal engine running temps. Dupont have sued quite a few of the manufacturers of these products in the US, as their claims are unfounded. Like most miracles in a tin, they've got plenty of tin, but precious little miracle.

Just up the oil change frequency a little.
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - roscopervis
Its a complete waste of maoney in an engine and could possibly be harmful. When the PFTE heats up uit can clog the oil filter and in other parts over coat certain areas of the engine causing some blockages. This, in the long run will damage the engine.

Oil's today are so good and have all the additives they need, putting in more will possible damage iut.

Think of it like mixing a cake. You have the right mixture and it tastes nice. adding 4 more eggs will not make it taste any nicer!
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - Godfrey H {P}
As well as changing the oil more frequently take it for an Italian tune-up now and then or lend it to a 17 year old yoof who has just passed the test and thinks they are a budding F1 driver.
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - glowplug

Checkout the internet before you go any further. In the USA there are lots of additives, you'll see the stuff on satelite shopping channels. However these manufacturers have been fined by the american equivalent of our trading standards for mis-leading claims after testing the products.

Also checkout this link -

It's a very good site. I suppose if it was really that easy to make a engine perform so well and so easy to protect it from damage then either the manufacturers or the dealerships would do it!

Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - Andy P
What's a choke?

Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - 007

Simmo...I get the impression that you think that HJ stands for Honest John. I thought that everyone knows that HJ stands for Honda Jazz. How wrong can you get!

But seriously...I am VERY interested in the Jazz but have put off buying one until Honda modified the suspension. Please would you spare a few minutes to answer these questions:

(1) Is yours a recent purchase with modified suspension? If so do you notice much improvement?

(2) Did you negotiate a worthwhile discount or obtain any goodies as part of the deal? If so, who with?

(3) You mention HJ's advice. Do you mean his road test, a backroom thread or something unique to you?

(4) The $64 question. I try to be an expert when it comes to getting max mpg and am jealous of your 68mpg at 70mph. Was this the readout on the computer or a tankful test? If the former, was this the best reading you have obtained when going downhill with your foot off the pedal? It is an excellent figure when compared with Honda's claim of 57.6mpg for extra urban trips.

Thanks in anticipation of your reply.
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - A11DNL
I'm not Simmo but I might be able to help.

I have just collected - 4 days ago - a March-build Jazz SE for my wife having test-driven an original one and, yes, the suspension seems noticeably less jiggly. (Not that the original was as bad as some reports suggest.)

Assuming you have summat to PE I'd ask several dealers to quote you their best and final offer for the change as the car is too new for much discounting yet. (Steels in Hereford seemed to want my business the most and they got it.)

Good luck; its a fine car.

X-Type 3-litre Sport
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - kex

I was on the verge of buying an SE sport and know of a UK dealer that offered me a very good deal. They only reason I have not bought one is a possible change of job that involves a company car, and the Jazz is on our list !!!!!!!! If you would like to know the dealer in question then let me know and we can get in touch via the usual channels
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - 007

Thank-you both for your replies.

I am hoping that Simmo will see this post and be alerted to my questions.

Kex...please post the city / town name and I can identify the appointed dealer.
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - kex
007 Dealer is located in Solihull, ask for a David Long.
Honda Jazz & Slick 90 - 3500S
I'm not sold personally on PTFE additives.

I used to make very similar journeys before I changed jobs, three miles to work and back. It barely ever warmed up the engine especially in winter.

I'd recommend a good oil like Magnetec and change it regularly and the occasional fuel-injector cleaner added to the fuel once every 12 months.

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