Facelift Toyota Yaris? - clariman
Must be a very minor facelift! What differences are there between this model and the original?

Facelift Toyota Yaris? - KB.
Without referring to the spec.s, the changes I recall are.....revised front and rear lights, body coloured painted bumper inserts (why not black?), revised front end generally (but very minor changes), different trim material, darker grey plastic dash and minor cosmetic changes to the dash contols, apparently stronger chassis/bodywork, new 87bhp 1.3 petrol engine, option of a new semi-automatic gearbox. The 1.0 litre petrol and diesel engines remain unchanged. New paint colours(can't remember what they are).

Facelift Toyota Yaris? - KB.
Add to my list.....revised suspension settings to improve the ride, side airbags on all except base, 3 seperate belts in the rear, revised rear bumper, 5 door T Sport now available, change of name regarding spec. levels - now T2, T3 etc.

The Verso version was facelifted a few months ago.
Facelift Toyota Yaris? - SteveH42
I posted loads about this on a thread a while back - something about small cars for under £5k I think.

Not many actual changes, more that they've rejigged the versions they do so there are now far fewer trim levels to choose from.

Oh, and they are finally putting a boot light in. Shame it won't get a temp gauge as well.

(Anyone care to donate enough to buy and insure a T.Sport Turbo?)

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