Dacia Duster - Alarm issue - Printerman

Hi I have a 2013 laureate and have starting having an issue with my alarm.

When setting the alarm I sometimes get one audible beep and sometimes not. (More often than not).

After a short time the alarm will go off and when I reset I get four beeps.

Originally I thought the one beep on setting was linked to a problem and the subsequent sounding of alarm but on testing I locked the car with no beep (I consider this step normal) but then the alarm did go off.

I've also set the alarm and had one beep and then the alarm NOT go off.

I've checked the bonnet switch looked okay. I can't see a boot switch sonot sure about that.

I've checked the door switches and all seem okay except for one can be rotated whereas the others are fixed.

Can anyone shed some light on this please? I'm pretty handy with a multi meter etc but hoped for abit of direction before I start looking at switches.



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