Tyre size compatibility - frostbite
My car is currently fitted with 205/50 16 but one of them is barely legal. I have been offered a 215/55 16. Is this slight difference in width & profile significant (and legal) for one corner?
Tyre size compatibility - Peter D
No, you would have to buy a pair and bput them on one axle but I would not do it, buy the right tyre. Regards Peter
Tyre size compatibility - DavidHM
It's not a slight difference, it's actually about 30mm or 5% of the total diameter of the wheel and tyre combination and would in no way be safe.

Even putting a pair on an axle could have some implications for handling if the other tyres didn't match, and your speedo would be inaccurate if it isn't already.

My information comes from www.toyo.co.uk/converter/converter.html
Tyre size compatibility - Richard Hall
Quick calculation - the circumference of the new tyre is 5% greater than the old one, which is a lot. I doubt your insurance company would be very impressed if you crashed with two different tyre sizes on the same axle.

I've got some good 205/50 R16s if you're interested. (Location - near Ipswich). They're on very tatty alloys, and they'll be cheap.

Richard Hall
Tyre size compatibility - frostbite
Thanks for that chaps - knew I could depend on the backroomers for good advice (i.e. DON'T!).

Richard, could well be interested there, would you like to email me frostbite@lineone.net.

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