Faulty Tail Lights - Wally Zebon
On Friday night I did a round trip from Scotland to Liverpool on the M6 & M62. Left home at 4.30pm in pouring rain and returned around midnight. 99% of drivers had their lights on dipped main beam.
What I was amazed at was the number of cars with only one tail light working.
I personally check my lights almost daily (who said I'm paranoid?!) and would get them fixed as son as possible.
Now it is possible that these faulty lights blew on that particular journey. After all, it was a very wet night and I suppose rain could get in and blow a bulb. But for so many cars to have the same problem - surely not. I definitely noted a 52 Reg Volvo at one point so it wasn't just old bangers either.
This probably sounds like a petty gripe, but it can be extremely confusing when your driving up behind a motorbike, only to find out its not a bike after all.

Other than the tail light issues, I was very impressed with the standard of driving in such difficult conditions. Heavy rain combined with thick spray around dusk is not my idea of fun. Its a good job that I know the road.

Faulty Tail Lights - Mondaywoe
I agree, but one thing that annoys me even more is tractors with white lights showing from behind. You come round a corner in the dark and this thing is bearing down on you (apparently) coming towards you on your side of the road!

Of course equally bad, and probably even more common, is tractors with no back lights at all! Nine times out of ten they are merrily towing a trailer with no lights or indicators and the wrong numberplate. They are also totally oblivious of the gigantic tailback behind them and never pull in to let cars pass. Then all of a sudden, when the driver behind has reached a crescendo of impatience and decides to overtake on a less than perfect stretch of road, the tractor driver decides to turn into a field on the right - no warning, no indicators, no chance!

and what's the road tax on tractors? What kind of cheap diesel do they run on? What sort of mess do they make of the roads?

Apologies to all law-abiding and considerate farmers out there..


Graeme (ducks behind hedge and avoids flying silage...)
Faulty Tail Lights - Wales Forester
Bloomin C5 drivers!
Faulty Tail Lights - Mondaywoe
I guess it's the fertiliser on the roads that make us bloom!

Faulty Tail Lights - Rob the Bus
Never mind tail lights (although it is a hazard if one is out), has anybody noticed the massive increase in brake lights being out? I don\'t just mean one - I mean both! And, like Wally says, it isn\'t just on old bangers.

And, if you point out the fact that they have no brake lights showing to most car drivers, they seem to think that you have insulted their family\'s honour, such is the hostility!
Faulty Tail Lights - Dave_TD
Quite agree Rob. This seems to be an increasingly common trait with current ('scuse the pun) shape Astras, I've seen several with only the high-level brake light working. And a spate of Galaxys with under-sensitive brake pedal light switches, ie only showing brake lights briefly under very firm braking, not in normal driving. It can't be that hard for manufacturers to fit the brake-light bulb testing device to all cars (ie warning light illuminates when starting engine, first press of brake pedal extinguishes warning light), can it?
By the by, why does my car have a low brake pad warning light that doesn't illuminate when the pads are down to the metal, but stays on after the new pads have been fitted??
Faulty Tail Lights - Ian (Cape Town)
what's worse id the incorrectly-wired rear light cluster [or one with a short in it]. which causes the brake lights to flash, the reverse light to come on when braking, etc...
Faulty Tail Lights - THe Growler
How about blue turn indicators? Or white? or Purple? Well we can say these have one advantage because they tend to get used, to show everyone the owner has them, unlike the amber kind. I have heard the argument advance, well it's my street and of course I'm turning into it, why do I have to indicate? It's none of your business where I'm going...Or how about the primary use of indicators to mean get over I'm bigger than you and I want your space. Or no lights at all? Especially buses, since 30% of them are illegal and non-licensed? (Converstaion) excuse me sir, did you know your back lights aren't working? Yes of course they aren't, I disconnected them so I can't be seen so easily, this is a dangerous area you know.

Or let's wire up the amber lights so they come on with the back lights. They look pretty don't they? Oh, I never used the indicators anyway so what does it matter. I think I'll paint my front headlights red this week, that'll warn oncoming traffic better.

A "bulaloy" is a Philippine home-made jeep with lots of colored lights on the front. The most I've ever counted was 27 of various colors. So of course you need a bull-bar, how would the poor chap find anywhere to put them othwerwise.

I can see I need to post some pix of some of these.

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