Views on the Audi A2 - Cheeky
Thinking of replacing my Missus' run about Fiesta with an A2 this Summer. We like its quirkiness & individuality without looking too extrovert etc. and appreciate the quality of the cabin. We thought the best model to go for may be an ex-demo 1.4 SE (£11k-£13k)

Any Back-Roomers have any brief opinions on this car/views.

Views on the Audi A2 - Tom Shaw
Had one of these for a day while my own car was being serviced. I was very impressed with it, and performance and comfort wise I would have no problem owning one. A league above a Fiesta.

However, the one thing which would stop me buying one was the curved A pillars. These created a dangerous blind spot on both sides, obscuring my view just when I needed it most, at the critical point when steering into a side road for example.

Might be no problem for someone a bit smaller (I'm six foot), but others have mentioned this as well so she would need a good test drive in urban conditions to see if this effected her as well.

Views on the Audi A2 - madf
I had one for a day whilst A4 was being serviced.

Could not engage 5th gear when cold - ok when warm.

Visibility was dire and I would NEVER EVER drive one again: dangerous imo.

The designer(s) should be tried (in all seriousness) and Audi should be fined for producing such a dangerous car and any one who buys one is clearly unaware that you need to be able to see to the side, front and rear in today's traffic.

Views on the Audi A2 - Aprilia

Its ugly, hard-riding and has very poor visibility. You don't see many around either.
There are much better small cars.
Views on the Audi A2 - Aprilia

Its ugly, hard-riding and has very poor visibility. You don't see many around either.
There are much better small cars.
Views on the Audi A2 - Cheeky
Many thanks for views so far guys - will do a test drive and see...

Also considering a brand new (and cheaper) Seat Leon - although may wait until the new model arrives later in the year.
Views on the Audi A2 - Nortones2
Cheeky: forget some comments from the the negatively minded (Ugly? Depends on your openness to new ideas.) and see for yourself! The 1,4 petrol is OK, but the 1.6 (110hp) has a pretty good rate of acceleration, aided by the light weight. Braking is also good. There have been spring rate adjustments so the ride is still firm, but consistent handling follows. All in all, a most interesting vehicle. which is well made and feels very together.
Views on the Audi A2 - bartycrouch
Just for information, Audi will not replace the A2 when its life cycle finishes (same for the Lupo). All non-profit cars have to go at VW group now they have Bernd Pischetsrieder as Chair.

Now of course that doesn\'t mean that the A2 will disappear from the range overnight; it\'s too new for that.
Views on the Audi A2 - Tom Shaw
Just for information, Audi will not replace the A2 when its
life cycle finishes (same for the Lupo). All non-profit cars have
to go at VW group now they have Bernd Pischetsrieder
as Chair.


According to Auto Express there is a new Lupo on the cards complete with gull wing doors. I even seem to recall a pic of it in one I was reading in February. (Dentist\'s waiting room, I don\'t buy it)

Have they now dropped that idea?
Views on the Audi A2 - bartycrouch
I couldn't answer for certain other than Herr Pischetsrieder gave a talk about the need to concentrate on profitable cars in an interview in "Die Welt" and the Lupo and A2 were mentioned. These comments were made about Sept/Oct.

I don't see Auto Trader myself, but it is normally pretty good on new machines, especially with Auto Bild being its sister magazine. If anyone can point to more info on the new Lupo I would be very grateful. I quite liked the Lupo when I drove one.

He also made some comments about VW group cars being based on the same platform. This would continue, but there would be greater differences between a Golf, Audi and a Seat based on the same platform. What form this would take he didn't elaborate. There would also be an end to the "competition" between each company in the VW group.

I suppose one of the problems of taking over at a big car company is that plans of your predecessor have to followed through sometimes!
Views on the Audi A2 - GS
I have experience of two A2s whilst my car was being serviced.

An A2 TDi was lively, very economical, 50-60 mpg and cruised at 85-90mph. The A pillars are substantial but you do get used to them but they should be slimmer. The second A2, a 1.6FSi was brand new, only 35 miles, (only 35-40mpg), but lacked the torque and character of the TDi. Both have lots of interior space, three children in the back who liked the car, and are easy to park due to their short length. The Tdi was on higher profile tyres than the Fsi and consequently rode better as a result. Both felt like Audis with simlliar build quality, handling and materials but watch the wheel/tyre combinations.

They are clever cars but take a long motorway and town test drive as they don't suit everyone.
Views on the Audi A2 - clariman
It has an even uglier rear end than the new Megane.

In short, ugly, ugly, UGLY!
Views on the Audi A2 - FergusTheDog
Never driven the 1.6 but both the 1.4s (petrol and diesel) were plain nasty - cramped, slow, noisy and terrible to see out of.
Views on the Audi A2 - DavidHM
It's a bit different, sure, but expensive for what it is, because it's an Audi and made out of aluminium as well.

It might hold its value well, but before you go for one, why not look at a C3 and a Jazz? They've both got the space of an oversized supermini, the Jazz has the quality and performance, as well as excellent economy. The C3 has that amazing 16v HDi engine and loads of kit.

Best of all, although the Audi will be worth slightly more second hand, it's not going to beat either of them by anything like the £5k difference in new prices.
Views on the Audi A2 - Maz
I think the A2 is about the trendiest car on the planet. If that fits your postcode and media-type spectacles and lifestyle, what choice have you got?

If not, don't ignore the Jazz.
Views on the Audi A2 - Morris Ox
The A2 is a one-trick pony: style. The aluminium construction is pointless in this market, the prices are silly and the boot isn't that big, either. It doesn't make money, doesn't make sense for the brand and, as others have said, will be canned within a couple of years.

If you want solid build quality, practicality and a certain class then £11-12k can buy you so much more. Whether it's Jazz or Civic, Honda matches the Audi for build quality and engineering integrity, demolishes it for space, practicality, value. Hasn't got the same badge, but that is all the A2 sells on.
Views on the Audi A2 - Morris Ox
...and by the way, if style and badge are running head of practicality, you could afford a low mileage used MINI with the kind of money you've mentioned. That will be around in a few years, is made by BMW and knocks the A2 into a cocked hat for street cred.
Views on the Audi A2 - ucjtckc
I took a long test drive in a couple of A2 diesles and generally thought they were solid cars but the engine was too noisy. The thick A-pillar is a pain though I'm fairly sure that you could get used to it and adjust your driving style. My old Corsa had fairly big/curved A-pillars as well and I got used to that after a while.

You should make sure that the model you're looking at includes Climate control - try opening the drivers window whilst driving at approx 25 mph and above - the resonance in the cabin is deafening! Note also that A2s don't have a rear wash wipe which could be a pain when it's raining and also there was a problem on initial models with condensation forming in the headlights and the handbrake falling apart.....

Views on the Audi A2 - daveyjp
For a bit of balance I've owned an A2 for 3 months and its excellent, I swapped a Focus for it. After three months searching I managed to find a 1.4 TDi SE. Test drove the 1.6 FSi - but VERY sluggish considering it had 110 bhp - not a patch on the Focus petrol. The 'A' pillar is large, but I'd hardly describe it as dangerous - to be honest I don't even notice it now. The 3 pot diesel engine is brilliant, considering it's just 75 bhp - change gear about 3,000 revs and it pulls like a train. Above 3,000 revs it is noisy, but after 3,200 rpm its all noise and no power so whats the point in revving it hard? Cruises with four adults at well in excess of the legal limit and pulls up steep inclines on motorways in fifth with no probs.
The rear view and lack of rear wiper concerned me before I drove it, but the rear spoiler catches the water off the upper part of the window so the lower part doesn't get wet hence no reduction in visibility. I also applied some Rainex which helps. Loads of interior space, the boot is not as deep as the Focus, but it has a false floor so all the stuff you put in the boot and never remove (coats, tools, boots, blankets etc) can go under the floor leaving the boot for the luggage. They have variable servicing intervals so its at the garage once every 20-30,000 miles depending on driving style. The build quality and interior finish is as good as the more expensive Audis and the stereo is seriously loud!! You can also remove the rear seats should you wish to transport anything really large. Only drawback is no spare as standard (a bottle of sealant and a compressor only) - if one's not fitted (it goes under the battery in the boot) try and get the dealer to throw one in as part of the deal - if you can't find one second hand (I managed to) they are an expensive aftermarket item.
Views on the Audi A2 - Nortones2
davey: I agree with your take on the 3-pot diesel. It's interesting how some people on this board state dogmatically, without data, that diesels (esp VW group for some odd reason) are noisy. Perhaps they haven't learned that its not necessary to take a diesel engine to 4000 for the [start] of respectable performance. However, as I didn't want to throw bones in the direction of a certain kennel, I didn't raise the issue of diesel power, or petrol engined sloth! Has anyone competent actually analysed good (OK, arguable) petrol and diesel engines over a suitable running cycle, to determine dbA, rather than depend (as I admit I do) on subjective impressions ?

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