Headlight masking - Tynesider
Is any old black tape suitable for masking headlamps for continental driving. It has been suggested that some tapes can absorb enough heat to crack the glass or melt the acrylic on some newer headlamps. Bought masking material is not very expensive, but is the silver backing and special (removable) adhesive worthe the cost?
Headlight masking - bazza
I use any old black insulating tape i have lying around. IMO most frequent travellers to the Continent do the same. Buying the "special" bits and pieces to bend the beam etc etc is a complete waste of money as far as I'm concerned. I suspect the tale you've heard is dis-information put about by the manufacturers again.
Headlight masking - jc
Why black tape?;use any tape you have or one to match the colour of your car.Most beam-benders are useless;just cut out that bit of the beam that goes over to the left.
Headlight masking - PhilW
Yes, beambenders fly off in the rain but Lucas and the AA do black beam converters (you can get them in the AA shop at the Eurotunnel terminal) which have silvered reverse side. Less light is lost, they provide templates so you know you are covering up the right bit and you can peel them off and use them about ten times - not bad for £3-99 a pack

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