VW Gearbox Failure - davidod
My 1999 Golf 1.6 has just let me down. The mechanic says the bearings in the gearbox have just gone. It's only done 30K, is thbis unusual and what are VW like re goodwill if out of warranty?
VW Gearbox Failure - daryld
Auto or manual?
VW Gearbox Failure - shaun
Quite a common problem. The car by car breakdown tells you this. As for getting something out of VW i doubt it as its four years old, but they might offer discounted labour but even then it's going to be expensive £75 p.hr at my dealer. When they quoted me for my gearbox it would have been £300 just to remove and re-fit the box, i dread to think how much a new one is. Good luck, let us know how you get on.
VW Gearbox Failure - hedge
Once more. Talk to your local trading standards office. The test in law is, what is it reasonable to expect. It is NOTHING to do with V-W, your contract is with your supplier,& you have rights even after 4yrs.
Why DO Brits think V-W's are quality vehicles?!
VW Gearbox Failure - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Same reason Brits think BMWs are the ultimate driving machine. Overprice something and get the Ad men to brainwash you! Sad thing is though that VW used to be so good in the 80\'s and early 90\'s - bomb proof mechanicals and simple, reliable technology well executed.
Sorry if I offend,only my own humble opinion, ;0)

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
VW Gearbox Failure - blank
I have recently had some good will from VW regarding a corrosion issue. I suggest that a call to VW customer services to politely point out the problem and your disappointment in thier otherwise excellent product. This is presuming the car has a proper VW history, if not I don't rate your chances.
Your dealer will give you the phone number, sorry I don't have it to hand.

See my post "Rusty Polo" for more info

VW Gearbox Failure - Carl2
Just read an article in this months Car Mechanics. In this article someone has just had a Polo gearbox changed at two years and 26000 miles. It also states that when she took the car into the garage she met three other owners having the same problem rectified. So unfortunately it looks as though this is not unusual. What with all the other problems coils etc it does make me wonder what is happening at VW.
VW Gearbox Failure - OAP

The number you need for VW Customer Care is: 0800 711 811

For some reason I have also got a note of: 01908 601611 and 01908 601777.

Good luck.
VW Gearbox Failure - pdc {P}
Just 16 months, and 39,000 miles after buying my 1998 Mk IV the gearbox failed and I had to have it replace. It was done under warranty. The replacement gearbox lasted out until 136,000 miles. The quote to replace it was £2000, and as this was much cheaper than buying a new car I foolishly decided to do that. 3,000 miles later it blew a head gasket and I got rid.
VW Gearbox Failure - bertj
Is this a VW failed gearbox record!?
My wife bought a new Polo (1.4 tdi) two weeks ago. The gearbox was very stiff and over 600 miles didn't free off. It was sometimes almost impossible to get it out of reverse gear.
It has now gone back to the dealer and is waiting for a new gearbox!
The ironic thing is that it was touch and go whether to buy a Toyota Yaris instead.
VW Gearbox Failure - DavidHM
Maybe a VW record but I remember a Mondeo 2.0 tdci 115 auto box that went pop after one day and 118 miles (a quick search on th site confirmed this).
VW Gearbox Failure - Dave_TD
I gather the gearboxes are a weak point on the Golf and its derivatives, it seems I'm quite lucky to still be on my original Octavia gearbox after 149,000 miles. Some of my colleagues have had them changed at distances ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 miles, one of them has had two replaced in 140,000 miles. One good thing is that all of these have been changed under warranty! (3 years, unlimited mileage)
Whenever I take my Octavia for a service the dealers seem to have 2 or 3 taxis in the yard awaiting replacement 'boxes, so maybe it's only a matter of time?
VW Gearbox Failure - Big John
Is this an engine power issue, Dave's Octavia is an SDI ie not a lot of power and seems OK. A similar discussion took place about VW CV joints. Non turbo diesels OK, powerfull turbo diesels eat cv joints. I cant pass comment on mine (Octavia 1.4)as it hasnt done enough mileage yet.

My old 1.6TD Passat is still running around with its original gearbox at 180K+ yet again not much power, even with the turbo.


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