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saab 93 aircon - flatfour
Is there any diy cure to smelly air con on a Saab 93, the main dealer wants £100 to service unit each year. Had a passat before and never had to get the aircon serviced worked great.
saab 93 aircon - SkyMan
You should be able to buy a fungicide (or something) spray from someone like Halfords that you spray into the air inlets and maybe outlets.

Aircon needs checking every 2-3 years for pressure loss.
saab 93 aircon - Armitage Shanks{P}
SkyMan is right and for this servicing you might to do well to go to a local specialist who has ALL the equipment and knowledge to deal with aircon. Are you running it in accordance with HJ's recommendations in his FAQ section? Run it all the time and put it to full cold twice a month, even in the Winter. I have the use a 9-3 and I think that the a/c system simply doesn't have the capacity/output to cool the car on a hot day. The system has been serviced but just doesn't do the job well!

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