Booming Corsa - pmt
when I open the sunroof or window of my Vauxhall Corsa (new shape). The noise in the cabin becomes really destorted . Is it just my Corsa or have overs had this problem ?
Booming Corsa - Victorbox
My Cavalier does this, but only at motorway speeds with the sunroof fully back but not when tilted. I don't often drive at speed with the sunroof fully back, but I find opening the driver's side window a smidge is enough to break what I assume is a air pressure sound wave thing.
Booming Corsa - Dynamic Dave
If you've got the sunroof opened rather than just tilted, make sure the deflector flap has popped up. Sometimes it has has a habit of sticking down - especially if the roof hasn't been used for a while.

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