Smart garage door/gate opener - KAIYU

Hi All,

I am new on this forum and would like to ask you about a product that I came up with recently.
Would you be interested in a opener that does not need your action to start opening the door/gate?
It will be all automatic, sensing the velocity you are approaching home and open your garage just in time
for you to drive in. Obviously it will also sense that you have parked your car and close the door behind you.

Do you think that it would be something interesting?

Thank you


Smart garage door/gate opener - galileo

I've had a remote opening door for years and can open it with the pocket size controller when I want to get lawnmower and other things out.

Unless there is also a handset with your gadget I can't see it has any real advantage over mine.

Smart garage door/gate opener - concrete

What happens if you drive up to the garage but don't want the door to open??

Smart garage door/gate opener - focussed

This semi-automatic system seems to work quite well.

It doesn't need any special installation skill and works on an audible signal from any vehicle.

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