Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - mark999
Just had my gearbox oil changed with EP 80w-90. The gearbox initially it was very difficult to engage 1st gear and subsequently change gear. This improved as the engine warmed up.
I have not had a chance yet to try the box from cold again.

My Merc dealer advises that some of the manual gearboxes use ATF for manual gearboxes. Does anyone know what the correct grade should be?
Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - Peter D
Why did the Merc agents use EP80w-90 anyway. I though the box should be using a Synthetic gear oil, It is thinner thats whty you are having problems engaging gears. Check with Merc Main dealer. Regards Peter
Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - mark999
Hi, Thank you for your reply as the Merc is out of warranty now
I an having it serviced at an independent dealer with Genuine filters.
Their information and even BP lubricants website stated that EP80w would be fine.
I have since contactedthe Merc car dealer could only tell me that 2 types of oil were used and one was AQM, and The Merc van dealer told me that they use Castrol Syntrax 75w-90.

Should I try the 75w-90 or the AQM as the next step?

Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - Aprilia
Ring Castrol Technical dept. (its in Swindon, I think) for excellent technical info.

I suspect your \'box may need an ATF. Lots of Merc. manual \'box run on a \'Type A\' ATF such as Elf Trans-O-Matic, or similar.
Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - mark999
Tried castrol technical they could only reccomend an EP80 oil.
The merc dealers I have talked to today reccomend a type A suffix A ATF or a type D.
I have managed to buy some Esso Type D ATF can anyone reassure me that it will be ok to use this.
Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - Peter D
You really need to contact Merc UK who must be able to reference your gearbox build against the Code numbers from your vehicle. I have had this exact problem with VW boxes and the main agent filled it with EP and bingo No second gear and a very reluctant third for the first 2 or 3 miles. They changed the oil for a VW approved gear box oil that the car was filled with at manufacture and all was well again. Regards Peter
Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - Aprilia
I would buy a 'Type A Suffix A' oil if it were mine. Mercedes dealers use Mobil ATF200 brand - it comes in big drums though. Castrol 'Agri-ATF' is the same stuff. This is what most Mercedes g'boxes were designed to run on.
Personally I fill them with Elf 'Trans-O-Matic' Type A, £12 for 5 litres from you local Elf Oil agent - don't use Dexron III/IV - its too slippy and will crunch 2nd on a cold morning.

Get the EP stuff out of the 'box, it attacks the fibre synchro's used in these gearboxes.
Merc V220Cdi(vito) Gearbox Oil. - mark999
Thanks for all your help. There doesn't seem to be an Elf agent
in Hull. Esso technical did some digging around and found that type D ATF would be suitable. I have today tried this fluid and it seems to be fine.
Mercedes technical never got back to me however a Vito dealer did.
They use castrol synergear (which they sell in 5L tubs at £7 a litre)

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