Premature belt failure - Cheeky
Is anyone aware of common cases of belt failure on Audi 2.4 V6's? I have a 4 year old 54k model A6 which started with a knocking noise at idle. Ran it to a local independent garage today who advised I leave it there and not drive any further so they can check it out - suspected timing belt problems. Could the engine be ruined already? It still ran OK which is why I was deliberating whether to do anything or wait until service time.

Very aware that a car such as this will carry big servicing bills, but Audi did not seem to think the timing belt will need attention until 5 years or 80k. Is it worth me complaining to Audi UK or should I just bite the bullet? The car is out of warranty now, although does have an independent warranty that may contribute part of the replacement cost. One bonus question guys - How much can I expect to shell out for this work assuming it is a belt replacement only with no engine damage?
Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks
Premature belt failure - Dave_TD
I wouldn't have thought a faulty timing belt could cause a knocking noise at idle. If a timing belt snaps, your pistons and valves clash (if you're unlucky) and cost you a lot of money. As long as the engine's still running your belt obviously hasn't snapped, so I would question how the garage has arrived at this diagnosis! It does sound awfully like they're trying to make some easy money out of you.
Premature belt failure - Smashie
I had a Vectra 2.5 V6 with 35,000 miles which made a strange ticking noise when cold and at idle. A few days later the belt either broke or a timing wheel came off and destroyed the engine. I did not listen to the warning signs because I was fed up with the car as was not surprised or bothered when it blew up.

The outcome if you do not heed their advice and they turn out to be right is going to be very costly. All that will happen if they were wrong and it was nothing to do with the belt, is you will pay for something slightly before it is due.

Presumably you intend to keep the vehicle for some time, in which case you will inevitably have to change the belt at some point. Will you still own the car when it is due to be changed for a second time?
Premature belt failure - Dynamic Dave
Two things come to mind here.

1. The cambelt might be slightly loose and the knocking you heard could be the belt rattling against the belt cover until the engine warmed up and took up the slack through expansion of the engine block and head.

2. If the knocking was only at start up and cleared within a few seconds, it might be a leaky hydraulic valve lifter causing the tappets to rattle - once pumped back up with oil the noise will stop.
Premature belt failure - Cheeky
Suspected premature tensioner failure - tensioner assembly to be replaced. Am going to send a stiff letter to Audi UK - not that it will do much good. Apart from this, love the car, so glad to be getting it sorted before I needed to replace a ruined engine.
Premature belt failure - mj
Do not wish to be a doommerchant a bloke at work bought a a2 diesel, had the gearbox replaced at 5k under warranty now the car is out of warrantly audi just wipe their hands


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