Rover Parts - BMDUBYA
Does anyone know any good web sites that sell Rover parts. I am thinking along the lines of eurocarparts, GSF. Thanks in advance
Rover Parts - Robin the Technician
You have asked a very ambiguous question. If you are looking for service parts or fast fit stuff i.e. brakes, exhaust etc then they can be obtained from partco, Halfords etc. If you are looking for something really specific, then your only option is a Rover main Dealer. What are after and i may be able to direct to the right outlet.

These are the views of Robin the (Rover) Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am.....
Rover Parts - wemyss
The best site I have seen is
They have very good value parts particularly for older cars.
Rover Parts - Cyd
Try JRT Automotive on 01494 792 211 and at - he is very helpful.

Also look on in the RoverMart section and check out Best of British for new parts or Viking Spares for 2ndhand.

Hope this helps.
Rover Parts - BMDUBYA
Thansk for all your very usefull help.
Rover Parts - king arthur
If it\'s new parts you are looking for, try the online shop at - Quite a good forum for Rover owners on that website, too!
Rover Parts - ShereKhan
Try I found them to be very good when I had my Rover 214 SEi
Rover Parts - BMDUBYA
Thanks again to everyone. The car is a 218 TD '94 so I dont want to pay Rover Main Dealer prices, the suggestions offered so far are great, especially the MG torque site. Thanks all.

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