CostCo Auto - any experience - bob6000bob

Anyone had any experiance using CostCo Auto to buy a new car?

I see that CostCo put you in touch with a vetted dealer who is meant to offer specially negotiated prices but I am wondering how "special" they are likely to be.

CostCo Auto - any experience - Falkirk Bairn

6 months ago they were doing special deals with Vx - looked at the deals then looked at Drive the Deal prices - Costco were way behind.

Times have changed maybe so worth a look but the look at carfile, drive the deal, carwow etc etc. The best way is to scour the sites and get the best deal at that point in time.

CostCo Auto - any experience - RT

Generally speaking, most "affinity" deals aren't as good as the best on-line discounts.

CostCo Auto - any experience - bob6000bob

Thanks, have looked at Drive the Deal, Orangewheels, Broadspeed and Carwow to get an idea of available discounts so unless CostCo are likely to come in somewhere close to those prices I don't really see the point of bothering with their "process" (too much secrecy over the prices, already trapped in a conversation before they reveal).

CostCo Auto - any experience - quizman

I have used for several cars and have been happy with them.


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