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Any - New car price negotiation - Menders

I need to replace my ageing car and I'm looking at brand new cars. It's a long long time since I last bought one.

Currently I see Vauxhall are offering a £2000 scrappage scheme which is far more than the value of my existing car. Through my wife's job I also qualify for Vauxhall's partner scheme which would give me 8% discount on the list price. These deals make Vauxhall worth a look for me.

My question is, are those schemes funded directly by Vauxhall rather than the dealers and thereby leaving the dealers' margin intact for further negotiation and discounts? If that is the case, any thoughts would be welcome on what might be a suitable further discount to seek from a dealer.

Using the online car configurator I would probably be looking at a car worth around £20k at full list price.

Many thanks.

Any - New car price negotiation - Wackyracer

You could try a few car brokers and see what sort of price they will offer.

Any - New car price negotiation - gordonbennet

Maybe see what brokers would quote first for outright purchase, then see what your local dealers can come up with.

Don't forget to check the likes of Motorpoint too.

Any - New car price negotiation - craig-pd130

We recently bought a new Corsa on Vx interest-free credit, and got the 'partner discount' AND a 'loyalty bonus' because we already owned a Vauxhall. This made a genuine discount of about 18% on the list price.

I didn't try and haggle any more off the price, but I did get gap insurance and Supaguard thrown in for free after a bit of teeth-sucking. We didn't have a PX so it was a straight sale.

I would suggest going and having a chat with the dealer, and seeing what you can do.

I have to add the facelift Corsa D is light-years ahead of the pre-facelift models in terms of the quality of interior materials, equipment, NVH and handling. It's actually a genuinely pleasant car to drive and now genuinely rivals the Fiesta.

Any - New car price negotiation - RobJP

My experience with brokers and new cars :

A few months ago, we bought a brand-new Z4. I went onto a few brokers, and got firm quotes. The one who came out best for us was Coast 2 coast (google it). They came in with (roughly) £7k off a 33k car. I then, armed with that price, went into my local dealer, and asked what they could do for me.

Initially, they said they could do £2k off list. I then produced the quote, and told them they'd have to be close to that. After some discussion and haggling, they came back within £200 of the broker price.

I was happy to accept that, as buying from the broker would have meant collecting the car from by Heathrow, and I'm in North Wales.

So use broker to hammer the dealer to hell on price. HJ's own section for new cars seems to be looking like 35% off list price for NEW prices for the Astra, for example.

Any - New car price negotiation - Ben 10
I'd say you were lucky. Probably at the right time of the month or sales had been slow.

I've done exactly the same thing and gone to a dealership, on different occasions. Waited for their price then revealed the Internet broker quote. They've never entertained those prices and flatly refused to match. In the end I just had to leave. And it wasn't one particular dealer, it didn't work at a couple of others too.

You have to be really lucky with dealers. You get more discount on stock items and taking finance, rather than factory built orders. You have to take the finance to get the big discounts with brokers anyway.

It's worth a try, and if you are in the right ball park for the salesman, you could get a reasonable discount. It's not as easy as you think.
Any - New car price negotiation - RobJP

The Z4 was a factory order, and the order was placed early April, as a cash purchase. So the monthly/quarterly sales target didn't apply, the 'stock' car didn't apply, and the finance bonus didn't apply either. Delivery for the car was 7-8 weeks.

As I say, if you go to HJs "Cars for sale > new car deals" section, you will see well over 30% discount being quoted on a lot of Vauxhalls.

Any - New car price negotiation - Falkirk Bairn

My son bought a new car at the weekend. He trawled round the internet brokers and physically visited about 10 dealers (BMW, Audi, Lexus) before settling on a BMW.

He then visited 5 BMW dealers with his requirements (and his internet quotes).

The difference between the nearest BMW and the one he bought from was £5,000 beating the Broker quotes by some £800.

One had tried to pass of showroom stock car (2015MY) at a higher price than the new model year at the garage he bought from.

Any - New car price negotiation - Menders

Very interesting comments and thanks everyone for taking the trouble to reply.

Still not entirely sure whether or not the offers are funded purely by the manufacturer leaving the dealer with a full margin to negotiate. Yet the general consensus seems to be that it probably does and Craig-pd130's experience seems to confirm this.

I'll do some more research into brokers' prices before heading in for a test drive and walking round some dealers at the weekend to see what discount they might be prepared to offer on top of the offers.

Thanks again everyone and I'll post in here how I got on.

Any - New car price negotiation - coopshere
It may be a Vauxhall thing in the main. Just helped a friend buy an ex demo Astra which was 6 months old with 10k on the clock, it cost £12,000 less than when new which was more than 50% off. Now that's a big depreciation even for a Vauxhall.
Any - New car price negotiation - Falkirk Bairn

33 new Astras with under 100 miles on the clock and under £10,000

Clearance of old models and this special edition run-off model

maybe not the most exciting buy in cars but will probably make a good runabout. Some Fiestas can cost north of £15/16,000 after a discussion on discount - the Astras must still have some wiggle room to get the price lower and / or a few add-ons for free mats, tank of petrol, service deal.........

Any - New car price negotiation - Menders

A quick update. In the end I went for a very different car.

For those who may be interested there was a bit more margin for the dealer to play with. I found the new Astra to be a large improvement over its predecessor and a leap forward in terms of design and quality. In the end however I went elsewhere.

Many thanks again to everyone who kindly replied to my initial query.

Any - New car price negotiation - Avant

If you have a moment, do tell us what you went for and your reasons. It could be useful for others in a similar situation.


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