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Peugeot 206 LX 2000 1124CC - Unexplained Clutch Failure - RockChickee

Pulling into the middle of the road.. slowing down I thought I had not put the clutch pedal down properly as getting it into gear was like trying to push an elephant through a needle.. indicating desire to turn right and sitting waiting patiently was mortified to find that the CLUTCH was utterly useless.. could not move it from neutral into first... So on go the hazzard warning lights.. causing much mahem... Thankfully two young lads pushed me to safety... One of them trying the CLUTCH to no avail... I tried.. nope.. nada.. tried a few more times before ringing the RAC... Mortifiying beyond words because over an hour of waiting the RAC technician had the CLUTCH working straight away and for sure thought me a complete idiot! ~ Drove the car followed by RAC to local Garage and they have come back and said three different people have driven the car.. no problems with the CLUTCH however the Catalytic Converter needs replaced... At the time of the USELESS CLUTCH incident I was concerned because the engine management light had come on again... ~ Could the TWO be related?? I had just bombed down a Dual Carriageway for about 10 miles before this... The Garage Mechanics truly do think I am nuts.. I'm sure my partner thinks I've made it up.. but the CLUTCH FAILED.. simples... Any ideas on this while the Garage fix a new CATALYTIC CONVERTER would be greatly appreciated... Many thanks in advance.. and seriously.. I did not have a psychotic episode but I need to feel safe in my Car as I use it on very busy fast driving roads for work and don't want a CLUTCH Failure again... :)

Peugeot 206 LX 2000 1124CC - Unexplained Clutch Failure - skidpan

If its an hydraulic clutch I would suspect that the seals in the master or slave cylinder are getting worn. Unless of course part of the linkage had simply come adrift and the RAC man did not explain what he had found and repaired.

If the management light is on and that fault is related to a cat problem that needs sorting.

And they are not related.

Peugeot 206 LX 2000 1124CC - Unexplained Clutch Failure - RockChickee

Thank you so much for replying!! The Diagnostics indicated the need of a new Cat... ~ The RAC Engineer did mention linkage upon pulling up.. but said could not see anything and then proceded to drive the car... I will ring the garage in the morning and ask them to check what you've mentioned and fingers crossed if it is the case it is not hugely expensive and easily sortable.. the car needs to come back asap.. Huge thank you's.. at least I can speak to them armed with something they can easily check out... :)


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