BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - scrads89
Hi ive been having problems with my bmw 320d e90 when i try to start it in the morning if the tempreture is below 3-4c it wont start without a jump pack ive had it on diagnostics three times at different garages one being bmw and none of them could tell me what it was so i changed glow plugs and had it serviced and still has not worked its very temper mental as i have to put the fob in and out two or three times then hold my foot on the clutch while pressing the ignition button several times before it turns over if anyone can help me diagnose the problem it would be much appreciated ive changed all the relays and fuses aswell and it hasnt helped
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - elekie&a/c doctor

If it only starts with a jump pack,then that tends to suggest a problem with the battery,starter or power leads.

BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - scrads89
Bought a new battery from bmw and was told it could be any of the ecu's as there are a few on this model but had those checked when on diagnostics and they were all fine too. Itll start without jump pack when the temp is above 3-4c but i have to push the ignition button 3 to 4 times

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BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - RobJP

This might seem like a really dumb post, but I'd best check, especially as you say you are repeatedly pressing the 'start' button ...

Are you aware that, on a cold day, when you press the 'start' button, there can be a few seconds delay before the engine starts up ?

You press the button - the car checks it is out of gear, etc, and then it warms up the glowplugs. Only once the glowplugs are warmed does the engine turn over to start.

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BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - scrads89
Yes as i always allow a ten to twenty second wait for the glow plugs to warm up as its a diesel but when i try to start it after the waiting period it still doesn't turn over almost as if it was the starter motor thats not working but i had that checked too. I also had it serviced last week with all glow plugs being changed and the egr valve and intake manifold cleaned as there was allot of soot build up im at a point of defeat tbh as even bmw cant tell me what it is but ive seen that this forum has ppl with much more knowledge so thought i would ask everybody on here. Btw I've noticed this morning when trying to start it that it showed a coil/spring on the dash then it wouldn't start so i had to use the jump pack to get it going then it ran a bit rough for about a minute then it was fine but i always allow a minute or two to warm up before pulling away.

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BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - dieselnut

" it showed a coil/spring on the dash then it wouldn't start "

That sounds like the glow plug light.

Once that extinguishes you should be able to start the engine.

If the engine won't even turn over it suggests a poor battery, faulty starter motor, or poor battery/ starter cable conexions.

Most battery suppliers would test your battery for free.

Is the battery in the boot, if so, there will be long starter leads that could be giving a problem.

If this is an easily repeatable problem, take it to an auto electrician.

BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - scrads89
Ok ill have the connections all checked and let you know if it works :)
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - wafer

Sounds like insulation breakdown at the starter cable.

I would check the heavy cable that runs along the starter to the solenoid. It is as if this insulation is breaking down and when you try to start all the power is tracking through to earth.

This can be repaired by removing damaged insulation and put a few layers of electrical heat shrink.
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - scrads89
Ill get it checked and keep you posted need to find the problem soon as this is costing me a fortune ????
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - injection doc

you say you bought a Battery from BMW, was it BMW or a BMW specialist ?

These BM's that have a battery in the boot need genuine batterys fitted !

Has the vehicles ECU been configured since new battery fitted to confirm the alternators charging configuration ?

Naerly every BM I used to get involved with for issues had aftermarket batteries fiited and mostly the cause of all sorts of issues !

BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - scrads89
Yes it was direct from bmw its a bosh but has bmw stickers on it ?? Yes i had a new alternator fitted wat the same time as the battery and it was coded that same day by the mechanic that fitted the alternator and battery he also worked at bmw and mercedes so im pretty sure he knew what to do but im having the power leads checked tomorrow so ill get the mechanic to check that its been coded as a precaution
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Knatedogg86
Hi, sorry, I realise this is an old post. Just wondering if anything came of it as my E90 has the exact same issue! Albeit I haven't had as many things looked at as you as of yet, just wondered how you managed to fix it? Thanks
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Oliver east
Hi I m having exactly the same problems, I ve had the glow plugs replaced and the battery, was ok for about a week and then went for a long drive yesterday everything seemed fine then all the problems started again and it wouldn't start. Starter motor is fine but it just won't fire. Then all the warning lights come up. Brake fluid abs, etc, the manual says complete electronics failure. Any help would be great, already a grand down and it's still not resolved.
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Munashe
I did have the same problem. But my uncle managed to fix it yesterday. Mine problem was wiring and terminals problems at the battery. I was gonna post few pictures but it won't let me. If anyone needs more info, just tweet on @MakoraMcPeter, I'll show you the pictures
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Frazoo

Hi I've got the same problem in my car as stated by all the members can u plz help with me

BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Oliver east
Knatwdogg86 did you get anywhere with your car?
BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Marcela

Mine is petrol and quite new 2016. I didn't have this problem in cold weather until the recent snow. It has been on off for about a week. I didn't realise that you need to leave it 20 seconds or so as I didn't have to do this before. Do you press clutch press the engine button (it doesn't come on, then leave for 20 seconds and then press clutch and press engine again?

Just now it took me 5 times to start it, first it say engine already on in yellow but engine wasn't on! one of the yellow lights (ECU or energy warning light) was on until I press start again then it disappereared. The ECU light is not on when I finally get the car to start. Help!

BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Marcela

I tried posting earlier, this only started happening about 2 weeks ago with the snow, it hasn't happened in cold days before. I have a petrol manual 2016 BMW. Do you need to press start engine while depressing clutch, do you need to keep button down for 20 seconds, leave for 20 seconds and start again?

I just took me 5 times to do this, once it said Engine already on when I press the start but it wasn't on, then the yellow ECU energy warning light stayed on, but then it disappeared once I finally got to start it properly.

If this is a fault, would the e year warranty cover it? Do you think it is a fault? help! I have only been using this for the last 8 months, before I had another car with physical key and no problems...

BMW 3 Series E90 - Starting problem - Frazoo

Have u found the solution ive got the problems


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