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Last year I bought a Nissan Note N-Tec auto(2013) which developed an intermittent fault - when I started it from cold, usually overnight, and put it into reverse or drive, there was a very loud rattling/clattering noise which lasted for 1/2 minutes and then disappeared. Although the car drove without any problems after the noise had stopped, this noise definitely was not normal/ordinary and to me, indicated some sort of fault. I took it back to the dealership and left it with them for 10 working days to see if they could replicate this fault, but with no result (or so they told me), despite telling me on day 2 that the car needed a new gearbox and authorisation was being sought from Nissan for the replacement. I have also contacted Nissan UK, but all they told me to do was to abide by the dealer's findings - they told me that, as the dealership could find no fault, there was nothing to be done.

I ultimately changed the car for a Juke Auto (2013.) I'm assuming that both cars probably share the same type of gearbox because now the same problem has appeared twice on this car. I have recorded this noise twice now on my phone - so they can't say nothing is wrong. Has anyone heard of this fault in either of these cars? I would like to know before I take it back to the dealership so as to avoid my previous unsatisfactory experiences.

Nissan Juke - CVT problems - madf

Try another less incompetent Nissan dealer.

Nissan Juke - CVT problems - skidpan

I have read recently that the new Qashqai fitted with the CVT has been having problems as well. Appears Nissan have been replacing the boxes under warranty. See here, 7 pages since September.

Suggest you try a different dealer or even contact Nissan first.

Nissan Juke - CVT problems - Caird

I've got the car booked in for investigation on Jan 5th to what will be the third Nissan dealership - the previous two could not identify the fault - at least that's what they told me. I've got the noise recorded twice on my phone, so they can't tell me that there's nothing wrong this time. Hopefully things can be sorted this time.

I contacted Nissan about this same problem with the Note, but as the garages could find nothing wrong (or so I was told), there was nothing that could be done. At the very least, I would have expected Nissan to send one of their master technicians to have a look, I'm sure that somebody else somewhere must have experienced this same problem. I would really like to hear of their experiences, especially if the fault had been rectified.

Nissan Juke - CVT problems - madf

If you google "nissan Juke CVT problems" you will find issues going back to 2011. Yes it has been redesigned since then but their track record on this issue appears poor... Since repalcement is the only cure ... they will try to do nothing...


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