Car road fund tax rip off - jackieboy

I changed the car Sat 13th so had to tax it [6 months] which I did over the phone no problem....Well not really you see I have to renew the tax 1st June so I'm informed,well I am buying 6 months tax so why is my renewal date not the the 12th of June? Yet more proof of rip off Britain and screw the motorist UKGOV.

Car road fund tax rip off - alan1302

It's been like this for year and years.

So what are you going to do about it?

Car road fund tax rip off - Falkirk Bairn

Day-rent buyers would clog up DVLA if they bought 1st Month. They used to be able to take 6 month + days RFL, The calculation was the same "daily rate" as the 6 month rate.

The man in the street either registers/taxes the car on 1st of the month OR loses a part month by registering anytime other than the 1st.

Car road fund tax rip off - Bromptonaut

Just to pi** of one forum member:

There's no road fund. It was abolished around 1926.


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