Frosty morons - Trisha TR
Still can't believe people are stoopid enough to drive with the rear window completely frosted up, both rear side windows frosted, passenger window frosted, windscreen frosted - with a small 'seal' hole scraped from which to peer through, and most of the drivers window frosted. Absolute morons. Saw several today including one beemer (! like I should be surprised) which drove past a police car and the rozza cared not a jot. Then saw another numbnut with who obviously thinks 'opaque' is the new 'clear' when it comes to trendy windows - in an old Carlton. He broke down on a roundabout - I hope he's still there freezing his nuts off.

Rant over. I hope they all crash - without affecting other road users (unless other road user is a similar eejit) - and suffer tremendous pain before expiring.

I thought the kettle brigade were aerated in the brain dept but I'd rather people damage plastic surrounds and crack their windscreens than drive with a soft-focus/no view of their surroundings.

They make me mad they do.... you might have picked up on this by now!!! :-)
Frosty morons - edisdead {P}
You are indeed very angry Trisha!

I utterly agree with your sentiments, although I have to admit I nearly joined the morons today. Pushed for time, as usual, I thought about leaving home having only scraped the front, rear, and drivers windows. Then i remembered the sharp right turn onto busy A road i have to make every day, did the passenger window, and even did the rear passenger windows as well for good measure. Better to be late than sorry.

Frosty morons - Jonathan {p}
Its no excuse but, it is possible to clear your windscreen in the morning, set off driving with the blower on, and the windscreen refreezes as you are blowing air onto the windscreen which is still below freezing as well as saturated outside air condensing on the windscreen. I have found the best way to avoid this is not to have the blower on until the engine has warmed up.
Frosty morons - Toad, of Toad Hall.
Kettle works great.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
Frosty morons - Jonathan {p}
Only for making a brew.

Pouring water on the windscreen can clear it, but it doesn't stop if refreezing.
Frosty morons - Toad, of Toad Hall.
Pouring water on the windscreen can clear it, but it doesn't
stop if refreezing.

I'm a scraper man these days but I didn't used to have problems in my kettle days.

Scraper is good for the soul though.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
Frosty morons - Jonathan {p}
I try towelling if possible, its best applied the night before. If not, then I too scrape. Gets the circulation going. I do not use a kettle though.
Frosty morons - Dynamic Dave
I use a garage. After all isn't that it's intended purpose to put the car in?
Frosty morons - Tomo.
"Kettle works great."

It may, but I saw somebody do it in the days of toughened windscreens, and produce instant, overall, and irremediable opacity. De-freezing liquid is not that dear.
Frosty morons - No Do$h
Time taken to clear all windows on a 5 door estate with a £1.99 scraper: 4 minutes, during which time I have the car ticking over with fan (cold) full on windscreen, aircon switched off, rear screen switched on. Leave rear screen until last and the heater element has done your job for you.

Time taken to explain to family of dead cyclist why your 4 minutes cost them a substantial part of their life..... Well, could you ever explain that?

Still, some people are ever so important and happily gamble with the lives of others. They're the same sort that, if you have the temerity to flash or hoot because of their recklessness, divert from their oh-so-important journey to follow and harrass you, or even assault you.

Might be an ideal opportunity to test the new law on nuisance driving. Certainly my local police station took it seriously when I reported a nutter for putting the fear of (insert deity or icon of your choice) into people. You only have to have explain why the other driver's actions caused you distress or fear and a Road Traffic Offence has been committed.

Of course it is open to abuse, but the law is the law.
Frosty morons - Clear Spot
No Dosh
Why turn air con off, doesn't it help with demisting? Why cold fan for that matter?
Frosty morons - No Do$h
The aircon will only help remove misting on the insideand, if turned off later in the journey, (cos you want lovely warm air around your tootsies) will promptly dump all the moisture back on the screen.

By using a cold fan the engine warms up quicker (as you are closing off part of the cooling system)and allows you to jump in and ram it straight to hot after only a few minutes idling. Also, cold air holds less moisture, so if you can clear the screen with cold it is likely to remain clear.

Well, it works for me!
Frosty morons - Clear Spot
Thanks, ND - I'll give it a go.
Frosty morons - No Do$h
If it works I expect royalties. If it doesn't, it's not my fault ;o)
Frosty morons - Trisha TR
I'm of the 'scraper' clan.... but only infrequently as the car is usually garaged overnight :-). I used to use the spray but after restoring the TR I stopped using it for fear of knacking the paintwork.

As with the comment above I'd rather spend a couple of minutes scraping the car than risk hitting a cyclist/pedestrian or another motor. This probably stems from being a keen cyclist and suffering first hand at some of the eejits.

And those with the frosted windows are probably the same peeps who don't clear the snow from headlamps..... top tip here is get a car with pop-ups!!! :-)
Frosty morons - Dave E
Get a Ford. The heated screen is one of the best "extras" on any car I have owned. Why it has never caught on is beyond me. By the time the side windows are scraped clean the front will clear with a flick of the wipers.
Frosty morons - ChrisV
I agree completely, but the best part is that they don't re-freeze when you get moving. Scraped only windows are prone to this problem, not sure about the hot water option in this respect.
Frosty morons - cabsmanuk
I caught one this morning, wound the window down and gave them a good tongue lashing. Good for the soul!
Frosty morons - Pugugly {P}
'opaque' is the new 'clear'

That was very funny and I will now quote it as my own !

I have to confess to having an on line telling off from Dr Lacey last year when I confessed to leaving the BM ticking over (but locked)whilst I indulged my morning breakfast. Apparantly this totally irresponsible behaviour that will cause untold damage to the Beemer and will knock the world off its axis. I still do it, I am a naughty boy, but a warm one with clear windows all round.


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