Rover 25 2003 1.6 - clock resets itself ,door alarm,alternator belt - patrickviera

Thanks for all the help on my other posts , some of the advice has led to my car problems being fixed.I got a few minor problems below:

Problem 1

I noticed ever since I purchased the vehicle the clock on the dash resets itself to 12.00 when engine is shut off. The current battery in the car is old may even be the original battery as it looks old and rusted and testing it using a volt meter gives a 12.4 reading with ignition off in the morning .two garages did free battery tests using their advanced devices and they both said it is on its way out, hence I will be replacing this battery.The trip which shows the journey mileage does not reset it self like the clock when engine is switched off. does anyone have any ideas whether it is the battery causing the clock to reset itself or something else like a fuse or something? I did notice my obd reader readiness monitors says the oxygen sensor and cat have run but not the other monitors.

Problem 2

I noticed that if I lock the doors manaully using the car key instead of using remote key , the alarm goes off ,it is a minor problem,Any ideas on this?

Problem 3

while fixing something else on the car ,a garage told me my fan belt ( the belt by the alternator not the cambelt) was showing signs of wear , minor cracks etc , is this a serious issue and what are the implications if not fixed?will it lead to major engine damage similar to cambelt failure or cause an alternator failure?

Problem 4

I was told my power steering rack underneath the car was leaking a bit, what are the major problems if not fixed. power steering fluid seems to be at maximum mark and still at maximum mark after two months of driving car.

any help will be greatly appreciated. I have been learning quite alot from the ideas on the posts from people. thanks

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Rover 25 2003 1.6 - clock resets itself ,door alarm,alternator belt - patrickviera
Any help or ideas on the above ?
Rover 25 2003 1.6 - clock resets itself ,door alarm,alternator belt - elekie&a/c doctor

If the clock resets itself,then there could be a power supply fault to the clock.Have you checked all fuses.?The drive belts can have minor cracks and still perform ok.The depth of the grooves is more important,otherwise drive grip will be lost.Small leak from pas ,keep an eye on it.

Rover 25 2003 1.6 - clock resets itself ,door alarm,alternator belt - Peter.N.

If the battery is in a very poor state it could be that the voltage on starting is dropping to low to support the electronics which are resetting, I would certainly change the battery first.

Rover 25 2003 1.6 - clock resets itself ,door alarm,alternator belt - skidpan

If the alternator belt is cracking get it changed, they cost pennies.

If it breaks you will loose electrical charge which will eventually stop the car.

If it breaks the water pump will loose drive and if you continue the car will overheat and probably wreck the engine.

You will loose power steering if its driven from the same belt, it is on most cars.

A colleague had one break on his car some years ago, bits of it found thier way into the cam belt area, mad the belt jump a few teeth and bent some valves, very expensive.

A tow will cost you loads if you are not a member of a motoring organisation.

As I said, get it changed.

Rover 25 2003 1.6 - clock resets itself ,door alarm,alternator belt - ED731PDH

Had similar on a 25TD, in that a cell in the battery went down. First of all lost the digital mileage reading on the dash, lost the clock, then the headlights noticably dimmed as the alternator started winding back its output due to the duff battery. Engine kept running ok, the ECU did a good job of keeping it all together. A replacement battery cured all in the end.

With the alarm going off, if the battery change does not cure the issue (alarm system is part of ECU on a 200/25) then check the door wiring for chafing where it goes across the hinges. The drivers door being the likely culprit.


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