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Citroen Nemo - Citroen Nemo Engine Failure - Ducatiman

I brought a new Citroenn Nemo Van just over 3 years ago, it is fitted with the 1400 HDI engine which has recently ceased, causing catastrophic engine failure. The Nemo has only done 24,000 miles and has been fully serviced. It was called in on one of its three recalls, 18 months ago, for new big end conrod bearing shells. The work was carried out at an authorised Citroen dealer. This all happened 4 months ago, and as yet, neither the garage or Citroen UK have made any attempt to help, even though this is obviously a problem with this engine. I know I'm not the only person who has experienced this problem, as several other forums have proved, but I wonder whether anyone has ever had any luck getting any help at all out of Citroen. I have now put it in the hands of the Financial Ombudsman to try and push Citroen to do the right thing, and if they do I will let everyone know. Any comments welcome

Citroen Nemo - Citroen Nemo Engine Failure - daveyK_UK

We use the identical vehicle but with a Fiat badge (fiorino). They run on a 1.3 diesel and so far they have been bullet proof.

Been told the 1.3 fiat diesel is generally OK.

Don't know much about the 1.4 diesel, what other Citroen / Peugeot vehicles is it used in?

Citroen Nemo - Citroen Nemo Engine Failure - focussed

Unless the vehicle was bought directly from Citroen UK - which is doubtful, the OP has no claim on Citroen UK, I don't understand the reference to the Financial Ombudsman - how do they get involved in the implemetation of the SOGA as applied to motor vehicles?


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