shogun airbags - dave_iom
Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the passenger air bag on a 2002 shogun TDiD swb?

Having looked through the archive this matter has been raised on more then one occasion with other cars but none for a shogun. The reason for asking is that I am picking up the car end of this week and although asking the garage to disable it I would like to check that has been disabled before I put the little fella on the front seat (2 months old, rear facing seat)

shogun airbags - Mark (RLBS)
Ditto Landcruiser Colorado.
shogun airbags - dave_iom
To quickly follow up on this, the garage I bought the car from disabled the passenger side airbag. When asked how, they replied 'We disconnected the wires under the seat'

The airbag warning light is now lit on the dash, indicating that the air bag is not working (I hope).
shogun airbags - Blue {P}
If the light is on then the airbag shouldn't go off.

I'm not sure that I'd risk a child's life on it though, I think I'd just try and use the back seats. Someone posted a story about a baby been decapitated after an airbag that was supposedly de-activated by the main dealers went off in an accident.
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This may disable the passenger side airbag, but does the Shogun have a front passenger airbag? The wiring for this will not go under the front seat? This is just if not more important than the side airbag.

Can the dealer garuantee that the drivers airbags will function correctly if the central airbag processor is detecting a fault on one of the other airbags?

Unless the dealer can answer these questions I would not let my child go in the front seat.


Ian L.
shogun airbags - Cambridge
The child should be in the back seat.
This is the safest location and causes least distraction to the driver.

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