Omega : ECU fault diagnosis - Shep
I have a 1994 2.5 CDX still going strong at 162k but there is an occaisional appearance of the "engine electronics" warning light (orange engine symbol).

According to the owners manual a brief illumination is not of any significance.

I was wondering if it was worth spending £30 on a VX dealer "tech 2" diagnostic check bearing in mind that the EMS only has a memory of approx 16 start ups & apparently I have to book it in to have this check done. All sounds a bit hit & miss.

I was hoping that there is a similar "trick" as with the vectra whereby you can short out 2 of the pins on the diagnostic connector and de-code the flashes of the warning light.

Any help greatfully received


Omega : ECU fault diagnosis - Rosanbo
I have just been reading about this.

Firstly it is perfectly normal for your car to occasionally show the engine management light at such a high mileage, the car is just checking itself. The time to worry is when the light is on permanently.

You can check it your self by shorting out two pins depending on what ECU you have fitted. I was just on a web page which told you everything you need to know

that is the address of the page.
Omega : ECU fault diagnosis - Shep
Kev...nice one

Just looked at the site and it is the best yet. There are just so many things monitored that I just wonder whether it is a bit of a pandora's box.

Thanks for you help...much appreciated

Omega : ECU fault diagnosis - Rosanbo
Another thing is that I was also in Halfords reading the instructions for the Gunsons fault finder and I'm sure they had a different pair of pins (than those on the web page) to be shorted out.

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