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Volkswagen Golf Plus - Teething problems sell or not to sell - welshmale60
Hi all I'm new to the forum I bought this 55 plate vx golf plus new mot etc drives lovely it's only 105 bhp but still goes ok however after buying it I noticed on the mot advisory there was a oil leak but i didn't notice until I bought it the car drives spot on I've taking it to a mechanic as when I have a different car I always give it a service oil.timing belt etc he put it on the ramps and said it looked like the oil was coming from the back of the rocker cover but iphe took it off the ramps and told me to get rid of it but didn't give me a reason it was like he didn't have time saying that it was a Friday afternoon this car is 140000 miles in. got part service but no sign of belt etc all that don't worry me. if the turbo is on its way out is there anyway of telling this should i take his advice not service the car and move it on but I really like the car and don't mind spending service money on it a couple hundred pound some people tell me these engines are the best ones to have also the fuel gauge works some times not at all times anybody know or have had this problem any find would be much appreciated and thanks in advance I really want to keep this car but as with all my cars I want them right

thanks Carl
Volkswagen Golf Plus - Teething problems sell or not to sell - The-Mechanic

Personally, I'd find another garage / mechanic who'd actually take the time to inspect and report on what faults the car has.

Oil leaks can be a pain to find but it's not that difficult. Usual suspects are rocker cover gasket, tandem pump seal, leaking charge air hose seals ( if it's a diesel ). 10 minutes with a pressure washer and degreasing agent to clean it off and maybe half an hour of running the engine usually gives you an idea of the problem area.

You don't say which engine it is, is it petrol or diesel.

Volkswagen Golf Plus - Teething problems sell or not to sell - Andrew-T

You must be out of breath after typing all that without stopping .... :-)


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