Multimeter - NormanB

Could anyone give a personal recommend for a good electrical multimeter, preferably one woth a digital readout, and useful both for car electrics and domestic use.

My current PlasPlugs model has an analogue meter and is pretty well useless around the 12v range.

Thanks in advance.
Multimeter - Jonathan {p}
I have a draper digital one (MM4). I think it cost about £12.

It is very useful. Last application was to check the engine codes.

Multimeter - J Bonington Jagworth
Almost any digital meter will do (although analogue still has its uses) but look for one with a good current range, as many fall down on this. Argos do an excellent one for about £25 that has a 10A range (IIRC) and a temperature sensor - ideal for cars!
Multimeter - Ian D
I have a Gunsons Digimeter 320 which is very good - bought from Halfords (about £37). It does current, the usual voltages but also does revs, dwell angle and some fuel injection test analysis.
Multimeter - frostbite
If you want real quality, then a Fluke meter with appropriate ranges is probably the best way to go, but it will cost more.
Multimeter - PB
Try Maplin, they have loads, sensible prices.
Multimeter - Cliff Pope
I concur with the advice about getting one with a good amp range. For serious car stuff, like tracing why motors etc don.t work, you really need 20 Amps, with a cut-out of course.
Multimeter - No Do$h
PB beat me to it. Maplin. Really wide choice to cover all budgets and applications. Make sure you have one with a cut out in case you set it to the wrong voltage/ampage range!
Multimeter - doctorchris
Get yourself down to a Lidl store on Monday (10/02/03).They are getting digital multimeters in for £2.99 and that includes the 9v battery! At that price you can't go wrong.
Multimeter - No Do$h
Well I'm going to get two! Cheaper than replacing the batteries.
Multimeter - NormanB
Hey Guys

Thank you for your responses they were all helpful.

I will now research your suggestions - the LIDL deal looks attractive but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Multimeter - mal
Lidle are good for certain things but lets face it, for £2.99 I suspect it will be more like a toy.

I was in the same position as yourself and ended up paying £8.99 at Maplins and it has done everything that has been asked of it.

P.S. "batteries not included" £2.99 extra for a PP3.

Multimeter - Dynamic Dave
Get yourself down to a Lidl store - digital multimeters in
for £2.99 and that includes the 9v battery!

However, the leads are extra, at £19.99 ;o)

Multimeter - doctorchris
I have now bought the Lidl £2.99 multimeter. Works very well, a good set of ranges including up to 10A. and it tests diodes and transistors as well.
Multimeter - J Bonington Jagworth
"..a good set of ranges including up to 10A"

That's astounding! I'd buy two...

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