Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - bigbadgoggs
I have just had a Skoda Superb PD130 on overnight test and think I have fallen in love with it! It was in 'Classic' trim only but had a nice set of 17" 'Solid' alloys and to be honest it looked great!

It drove great!, and equipment and build quality seemed great! too.

I can't shake the urge to go and spend hard earned cash on one to replace my 1998 Passat 1.8 which has served me faultlessly for close on 5 years now.

I have seen very few examples of this car on the road - has anyone bought one - if so what do they think (not just of the diesel) and would they recommend it to a private buyer.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Ben79
I couldn't get my size 14s next to the clutch pedal....
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Dave_TD
I've worn the edge of the clutch pedal away on the Octavia putting my size 13 next to it! And there was no space there at all in the Fabia courtesy car.

However, if the reliability of the Superb is as good as the Octavia, you can look forward to absolutely no problems with it at all.

I'm on the road for 12 hours plus, every day (or night!) and I can count the number of Superbs I've seen on the road on the fingers of one hand.

Look at this and be thankful the cars in the photo are left-hand drive:

Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Ben79
I didn't notice a tight pedal area on the Octavia, but the steering wheel is very low. Couldn't swap from gas to brake easily.

Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - patpending
Hi Dave

love the site, did you see this one -

a wrecked police Transit just in front of a speed camera warning! hope no-one was hurt though...

Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - FergusTheDog
Nice car, basically an A6 but avoid that nasty PD 4 pot - the 1.8T petrol is much nicer and the V6 manual diesel is the best option
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Cardew
Jeremy Clarkson slated it.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Cardew
Do a search for 'Clarkson Skoda'for a whole thread about the car.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - googolplex
JC slates all sorts of things which basically are perfectly reasonable cars. I hold that its pretty hard to buy anything these days which isn't at least above average compared with the rubbish some companies packaged up about a decade ago.

Thats not to say that JC's reviews don't make good reading, however, (if you can cope with a double negative today...)

Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Clear Spot
The V6 diesel is the Caravan Club tow car of the year.
I merely make the observation.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - nickpma

Comfort Trim is fine, whilst standard spec on the model is spot on, such as rain sensors that work brilliantly, excellent stereo, cruise and radio buttons on wheel, etc. Seat is infinitely adjustable and very comfortable, though you need to like a firm hold. Ride is smooth without being wallowy, steering is very direct, and gearshifts are satisfyingly notchy and precise. In fact, I really don't recognise the Clarkson review at all. But then, I guess he'd written his story before he even got in it, 'cos the story's gotta come first no matter what, right?

Downsides? Somewhat ponderous on corners, and no athlete, but in the 1.8T, a brilliant engine that can make the car fly with excellent gearing, and a very sedate ride.

Go to and get over £3500 off the RRP. That's less than a 1 yr old car for oen that's brand new.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - sean
I'd go for the PD130.

You're really getting an Audi A6 for the price of a Golf.

Really powerful. You won't use all the performance.

Built like Bentley (it's sister company).

It won't be that price much longer.

Which way do you think Skoda prices are going?
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Welliesorter
Dave - I have size 12s and have no problem at all with the accelerator on my Fabia. I don't need to think about it, whereas on some cars it's easy for me to press the brake and accelerator at the same time.

There are *far* worse cars than this for big footers.

I can't comment on the Superb because I've never seen one. Maybe I have and just mistook it for the very similar looking Passat.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - AlanGowdy
For really small (and offset) pedals, try driving a Peugeot 106 -terrible.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Ben79
I used to drive a Saxo, did about 12,000 miles, no problem for the size 14 feet, just learn to drive with toes, and yes, you can do emergency stops with your toes.

Driving a Saxo courtesy car after 2 years of larger car ownership reminds you how much fun they are!

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Big John
On my Octavia I have removed the clutch footrest (three plastic bolts) generating loads of foot room. (size 12 feet and 6ft 4")

I have tried a Superb, great appart from read headroom.
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - chris2
The Superb is not an A6 - it's a stretch passat platform (which isn't a bad thing) to be more accurate it's based on the chinese passat.

Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - sean
Yes, you're absolutely right about the platform, but look at everything else.
The switches, the instruments, the presswork, the seals the fuel tank, the gearboxes .....

I maintain that there is a very high percentage of A6 here, at fire-sale prices.

Lovely car.

I'd never thought about large feet before, and never would.

Chinese Passat?

Chinese feet? What size are they then? Male or female?

Is there a clue here?
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Greenparrot
I've just spent 2 weeks and 2000 miles in one of these - the 2.5 TD auto. Incredible motorway performance and no slouch around town either. The comfort of the seat was as good as I have enjoyed and for a change the TD was complimentary to the autobox.
The only down sides I have noticed (and please forgive for repeating some of BR's previous respondents but they are worthy comments which could turn into a real headache if I had to live with the car).

1) Blind spots from The A & C pillars which Stevie Wonder would complain about.

2) The boot opening really is narrow, the non folding rear seat only adds to frustration.

3) The climate control on my one seems to struggle, may be a gassing problem but check yours before you buy.

Still, I'm giving it back at the end of the week and truthfully say that I will miss the effortless power & good fuel economy.

If I think of anything else I will update - at the risk of the hell out of everyone!
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - Greenparrot

Meant to say;
'and can truthfully say
boring the hell out of everyone.'
Skoda Superb - a good buy or not? - shuggie
I own a Superb - 1.8T and am absolutely delighted with it. Love the comfort, space in the back is huge (the only gripe that I had with my previous Octavia was it was tiny for passengers) and just all round a damn fine car.
Threads in here about Clarkson reaction. Will in my humble opinion Jeremy Clarksons reviews are entertaining, I like the guy actually but about as appropriate to real world motoring considerations as an Enola Gay Fly Past would be at the Hiroshima Airshow.

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