Towing with autos - jud
Copied this statement from practical caravan website, is this a true statement?
"Auto transmissions are far superior at towing than manuals, providing adequate cooling is provided. Usually the standard cooler is not up to the job."
(regarding auto against manual).
Towing with autos - Cyd
Personally i disagree with the statement.

IMHO it's six of one and half a dozen of the other.
Towing with autos - Peter D
Whilst the auto produces a smother drive when towing the fuel consuption increase is unpleasant and lack of engine braking really shows through. Long hills with the torque convertor permanantly slipping does cause the temps to rise I much prefer to tow with a manual. I tow a car trailer do my all up weight is probable greater than a caravan. Peter
Towing with autos - M.M
I tow with manuals now but one of my best towcars (car not vehicle) ever was an automatic V6 Granada some years back.

When towing horses in heavier trailers it gave them the smoothest progress and allowed me an extra bit of concentration in the serious task of moving animals.

Towing with autos - Claude
Having towed car trailers, boat trailers and builders trailers for many years (but never a caravan!) sometimes on long runs from London to Scotland, I think the general answer is as follows.If the car is well matched (or well exceeds) the trailer load then an automatic is much more preferable. If the car is not so well matched then a manual would be better. By 'well matched' I mean that the weight of the towing car well exceeds the trailer and load; that the car has reserves of power such that the engine is mostly working in its 60%-75% output range; and that there are adequate reserves of braking without overheating. The new regulations about towing address some of the first definition above but its still very possible to have a car towing well within the mass (weight) allowance accord to the regs but due to engine size the car will be struggling. That would indicate a situation where a manual transmission might be better.
Towing with autos - Ian (Cape Town)
Jud, another problem is the hunting up and down between top and 3rd gear which often occurs.
Best thing is to 'manually' change down to 3rd, and keep it there if the box starts to hunt, especially on inclines, windy bits etc.
Towing with autos - jud
Thank you all for your comments.


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