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This "Engine Systems Fault" has come up on my Focus and it lost power, on investigation a fault code P0380 came up with my local garage which indicated a glow plug or related fault.

I then got a set of glow plugs and a glow plug relay, part number 1 252 609, which today I tried to fit, well I tried to find the relay first, thinking it would be easier to do that than tackle the glow plugs, was told it was behind the ns headlight and inner arch, but i couldn't find it, the Ford dealers I phoned did try to help but said it was there as well.

I then phoned Ford UK helpline, a premium rate number, first person said it was under the battery but only thing there was an engine mount, had to phone again and this time was told, after what seemed like ages, it was relay 12 in the engine fusebox, strange as the relay I got from the ford dealer doesn't look anything like the R12, which is a standard looking grey relay whereas the one i got is alot taller, different connections and has a mounting hole.

Does anybody know where the glow plug relay is?

I think I will try doing the glow plugs tomorrow anyway, need to get the car running properly.

Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 2007 - Engine Systems Fault - veryfocused

Fitted new glow plugs, the car runs fine now and no warnings, so far so good.

Only thing I would say to anybody replacing the glow plugs on the 1.6 tdci is you will need an 8mm long socket and make sure it will fit over the glow plugs as the Halfords 8mm long socket didn't, internal diameter was too small.

Didn't need to remove any EGR bits just some connecting hoses.

It's funny two of my local garage got it wrong, one said it would be cables rubbing and shorting out and could take a while to find the problem and the other said the glow plug relay, sometimes it's worth having a go and looking on the forums.

Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 2007 - Engine Systems Fault - black 1.6 tdci

I think I've got the same problem - turned the ignition key to standby the other night, & the "Engine Malfunction" light came on. Tried to drive ithome, drove okay but with little power (guess this must be limp mode). Mate of mine put a scanner on it & it came up with glow plug / glow plug relay fault. Does this sound similar to your trouble, & if so did you just change the glow plugs to fix it, or the relay too? Any advice greatly received.

Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 2007 - Engine Systems Fault - Darshan Gowda G S


We have similar problem. Can you able to tell where is glow plug relay controller relay located in ford focus?



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