Low Sulphur Petrol - Perky Penguin
A letter in the latest CSMA Magazine Motoring & Leisure) comes from a man who claims that with careful checks of his fuel consumption he found himself spending £20 on unleaded to go one way on a journey and £27 on low sulphur to come back. Another claims a 20% increase in consumption on a 1.6 Daewoo. Anybody else experiencing similar consumption increases out there?
Re: Low Sulphur Petrol - honest john
We've done all this ultra low sulphur stuff. When they first imposed it on us it was rubbish low octane junk. We realised. They realised we'd realised. And the octane went up so the stuff is pretty well as good as premium unleaded was before. You have to watch out for reports in magazines which can be two months out of date (and reports in the HJ column in the Daily Telegraph which can be a month out of date). This is where you get today's news.

Re: Low Sulphur Petrol - bogush

Now he tells us!

I'll have to stop recycling all those old telegraph motoring sections OUT of the skip ;-)

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