Ford Fiesta - Wheel balancing caused grinding brake issue - pcdj

I recently took a fairly lengthy drive to an auto-specialist near me who had the necessary equipment to do a "road force" wheel balancing on my car.

The good news is they've improved the wheel wobble (I've two buckled wheels, but apparently that's a common issue on Fiesta alloys of this type/age).

The bad news is they've managed to introduce a rather dull grinding noise, coming from what appears to be the front driver side brake area.

The noise appears most prominent when coasting at low speeds, rising in sound levels when applying the brakes. I've also noticed a couple of times that my steering spins wildly to the right when slowing down (but this has only happened literally the twice so far, and is far from the norm).

The noise itself is reminiscent of the noise made when pads are almost worn to the metal, but given the work was just a straightforward removal/replacement of a wheel I'd be surprised if that was the case.

Beyond the obvious check of taking the wheel off and seeing what the pad levels are like, can anyone suggest what else this might be? Sticking caliper perhaps? Pads not sliding away from the discs after application of the brakes? This is the latest (2008-2013) shape Fiesta. Thanks.

Ford Fiesta - Wheel balancing caused grinding brake issue - Peter.N.

I would suspect that one of the weights fitted is touching the caliper, take the wheel off and see if there are any shiny spots.


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