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Hi Car People!

Just bought my first ever car, the model stated above. When I'm sat waiting at lights/junction etc with the clutch depressed and the engine idling there is a very slight 'hiccup' and you can feel a slight vibration in the car and I think it's coming from the engine every 4 or 5 seconds. I think it also happens occasionally when I'm driving at 30/40 as well. I seems to be intermittent.

Is it something I should be worrying about (engine/performance seems fine other than this)?

thanks in advance!

Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec (2004) - Engine noise/vibration - help! - tdc

Maybe valves sticking a bit,which was an issue with some until 2006 models?My 2001 zetec occasionally did the same but engine never failed in 120,000 miles ,and four years after selling,I still see it pottering around.

Other jobs were new front brake discs/pads,rear wheel cylinders/shoes,all metal brake pipes and rear hoses,fuel filter,heater control valve....and of course cam belt at 100,000 and yearly engine oil and filter(applicable to my mileage) +air filter element replacement.Usual wear&tear typical of this model/service stuff.

Re it missing...also check under bonnet in the dark for tracking from HT leads and dizzy cap.These sometimes need replacing.Never replaced my leads but did the cap and rotor arm.Spark plugs burnt down a fair bit so treated it to a new set,which improved economy no end ,and no doubt put less stress on the ingnition system.


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