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Nissan Pathfinder - Replacement for Nissan Pathfinder - Ashley Line

Hello All,

Looking for some help,

We are looking to replace our trusty 06 plate Nissan Pathfinder with a similar vehicle but wondered what the options are?

We have looked at a new shogun sport but just wondered what else is available and if anybody had any thoughts on the shogun.

Looking for something big space wise, with 4x4 so we can tow if needed but also go off road when required.

Many thanks,

Nissan Pathfinder - Replacement for Nissan Pathfinder - badbusdriver

The Pathfinder was essentially a Navara pickup with an estate body, so if you are looking for something similar, other than actually getting a double cab pickup and fitting a good quality hard top the Shogun Sport is really your only option.

Looking at it as simply a 'no nonsense 4x4', you could look at a Toyota Landcruiser. But, while brilliant and nigh on indestructable, they are very expensive!.

You could consider something from Ssangyong if you have a dealer nearby. Good value for money, very impressive warranty, and usually very good towing capacity (if that is a factor).

Nissan Pathfinder - Replacement for Nissan Pathfinder - Metropolis.
You could also look at the normal Shogun, it’s slightly less capable off road than its L200 based sibling due to independent suspension but still decent and a bit more spacious, such as this one
or this 19 plate:
both mitsubishi approved used and 3.5 ton towing capacity.

Other choices in no particular order:
Toyota Land Cruiser (3.0 ton towing capacity)
Land Rover Discovery (3.5ton)
Ssangyong Rexton (3.5ton)
Shogun Sport as you’ve mentioned (3.1ton).
New Land Rover Defender (3.5 ton)
If you want to stay with them, Nissan Navara Crew Cab (3.5 ton). The Pathfinder was based on the Navara so it should be nice and familiar.

Realistically the Shogun Sport ought to prove ideal if the extra 0.4 tons of towing capacity aren’t required. The L200 has a reputation for breaking leaf springs but the sport has coils.


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