Canadian idiot - Fishermans Bend

How long till some idiot thinks this would be a good idea here?

Canadian idiot - groaver

What a grade a ass!

Mind you, is this really much better:


Canadian idiot - Avant

Absolutely right, Groaver, no, it isn't much better; the problem being that even the heating and AC are controlled by the touchscreen. Peugeot and Citroen do this too, but I'd have thought better of Volvo who make such claims for the active and passive safety of their cars.

I don't personally object to the size of the screen, if it makes the content easier to see at a glance - because a glance is all you can safely afford on the move.

Canadian idiot - Brit_in_Germany

Or this:

Canadian idiot - Sofa Spud

Or in the good old days, pre digital . . .

Canadian idiot - Engineer Andy

How long till some idiot thinks this would be a good idea here?

Not that it has much of a bearing on the story at first glance, when I read this article, I looked at the photo, then did a double take: that's not a Lexus (as the 'badge' on RHS of the dash 'says'...the dash looked VERY familiar to me, and I realise that it was a mk1 Mazda3 interior (check it against the HJ reviews or any for sale), just a LHD version (which is what threw me first time around). How embarrassing for a fellow owner of one of these to be somehow associated with this grade-A idiot. What the 'Lexus' badge was for, I have no idea!

Maybe the owner did what they did because the built-in DVD based sat-nav available at the time was £1500 (at least in the UK)!!! Given I put my phone (in sat nav mode) in a purpose-made cradle attached to the unused centre heater vent (RH one of the two on their car) and plugged into the cigar lighter below (not blocking any controls or the gear stick), costing all of £10, then this geezer's more stupid than I first thought!

Even if they wanted an upgraded ICE system that is compatible with direct MP3 files and/or USB connected devices, there are actually after-market replacements for the Mazda standard systems like the one they've got for about £100 - £200 over here, probably cheaper over there. Any music could be downloaded to that, or for lesser models, such as my 'standard fit' one, burnt onto a CD-RW (many songs can go on there at a decent bit rate).

Oh well.

Canadian idiot - Smileyman

No-one picked up on the following sentence .... In most Australian states it’s legal to use some of a phone’s function while driving, but only if it is “secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle”. .. seems sensible to allow the phone to be used as a sat nav, or to pay the toll on the motorway (eg M4) ....


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