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Hi, exhaust stinks, think its PDF and CAT, is it goosed or can it be recovered?, EML is on with the antipolution warning, had to drive home a long way in limp mode with turbo shot and belching smoke, just had to do it! I'm changing the turbo, is there an additive product or are we past that!!! thanks, Mike.

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1.6 HDi presumably….

If it’s run the turbo then you need to do the following:

Remove the cam cover – if it is heavily fouled with bits of carbon deposits, then it’s probably not worth the cost / effort of repairing the turbo – either bin the car or find a replacement engine.

If that looks OK, then strip off the turbo, and rebuild with a new cartridge (they’re only about £100 on e-bay). Dig the filter out of the end of the oil feed banjo bolt.

Remove the vac pump and check for crud on the oil inlet filter, if it’s bad, remove the cover and check the pump internals.

Remove the sump and oil pick up; rip the filter out of the pick up. Clean out the sump.

Fit a new oil filter - if it's havily fouled consider removing the oil cooler behind it and cleaning it out.

Check for signs of leakage (build of black goo / coal) around any of the injectors. If there is, then remove the injector(s) and fit new seals. In any case check that the clamp bolts are tight (but don’t overdo it – they’re not very strong!).

Ref the DPF / exhaust – if there was a lot of oil loss from the turbo it may well have contaminated the CAT / DPF and rendered it useless. You will have to remove this anyway to get the turbo off, so split it and see if the cat / dpf looks contaminated. If it is, you could try cleaning it, but second hand ones off scrappers are not that dear.

If you do the above, then it will probably go on to give reasonable service (ours has done 40k on replacement turbo). If you don’t, then the turbo will last 3k miles. If you’re lucky!!

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I would suggest you read this before you get your spanners

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You need to get the codes read before spending a penny on parts.

Google "Planet Owners Map".


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