b***** adverts!!! - SLO76
Thinking of giving things a miss for a while thanks to these incessant adverts taking over my phone while trying to post on the forum. 8 times I've had to delete an advert for TATA communications in the last ten mins!

Daft thing is, there's nothing more off putting for most consumers. I'll never buy from a firm using such an intrusive and irritating form of advertising.

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b***** adverts!!! - RobJP


Sorry to the HJ team, but I found the adverts getting more and more intrusive and, quite frankly, a pain in the buttocks, some time ago. So I now use adblock on here all the time.

There was a thread on this. Occasionally I switch off adblock to see if there's any improvement. Sadly, this never seems to be the case, so it gets put back on.

b***** adverts!!! - RT

As well as the unwanted intrusion, adverts slow down browsers - some of which are slow enough already - Firefox is unbearably without an adblocker so I've always used one but now switched to Opera which is much quicker - but still with an adblocker.

b***** adverts!!! - expat

I have a hosts file on my desktop which blocks almost all adverts. I don't think you can do that on a phone though. Another reason why I don't browse the internet on my phone.

b***** adverts!!! - SLO76
It's not an issue on the iPad just the phone for some reason.

I get that we all need to make a living and that the site finds itself through advertising but there's a software issue if the same advert has to be deleted ten times in a row. It does nothing for the site or the firm paying for the advert.
b***** adverts!!! - Avant
I don't normally use my phone to post on the forum but I'm trying it now to see what happens. So far there's an advert for a Mini garage in Barnstaple but it's not getting in the way so far. My phone is an iPhone 6s.

Although this isn't an issue that's anything to do with me, I would like to say again how valuable your professional advice is, SLO. Let's hope you have frequent access to your iPad!
b***** adverts!!! - daveyjp
Currently on ipad and theres a pop up which covers the list of forums. I don't mind ads, but not when they block what I want and I can't get rid of it.
b***** adverts!!! - argybargy

Adblock works a treat for me on this site, but there are others where on first access a message pops up asking you to turn the blocker off, then you're asked again each time you refresh or change the page. I'd say that on balance the effort is worth it, however, because I rarely see any adverts at all.

b***** adverts!!! - alan1302

IT at HonestJohn would need to know what browser people are using on an iPad or iPhone as well - there are many different browsers availble and all work the same.

I often turn off ad blocking on istes that i use a lot - HonestJohn I keep turned on as there are so many of them.

b***** adverts!!! - tourantass
I only view this forum via the honest john app on my iphone and ipad, I dont get any ads at all. I only get them when i want to post a reply and i am redirected to the full honest john website.. but even then the ads arnt intrusive.
b***** adverts!!! - SLO76
Strangely, I haven't seen one so far since I popped in for a nosey tonight.
b***** adverts!!! - sandy56

I found the adverts too intrusive and too agressive, so now, like a lot of people, I use an ADBLOCK and it does cut down on the many adverts. It is easy to install on IE or Google Chrome.

b***** adverts!!! - Wackyracer

I only started using an Ad blocker when it got to the point I couldn't read a thread because the Ad was covering the text in the thread.

b***** adverts!!! - nellyjak

I've used Opera for quite a few years now...and I use their adblocker too...works for me.

b***** adverts!!! - Brit_in_Germany

Using opera with an android device with ad blocker switched on. On the start page of the forum both the buttons for the motoring and technical sections are hidden by an ad window unless I am quick enough. Somewhat crazy.

b***** adverts!!! - FP

Same here - PC with Opera, but with with Ghostery, AdblockPlus and Tampermonkey (which stops the intrusive sponsored ads in Facebook, for example). I also use a VPN and clear all cookies at the end of every day.

The downside is having to turn all or some of these off to get certain sites to work, particularly when doing online shopping.

b***** adverts!!! - Engineer Andy

I use a guard and unlock origin on Firefox, and they've worked well until the recent Firefox update when one partially stopped working as a result of the browser update. Hopefully add ons that are either partially or fully disabled will soon work again. If you think its bad here, try and use the Telegraph, which has far more ads, especially of the video type which make browsing impossible. At least I can comment on HJ, as some of these issues mean that I get error messages preventing me from commenting on articles in the Telegraph, particularly using my tablet.


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