Any - British Airways - nick62

Good old Willy Walsh looking after the shareholders instead of his customers by outsourcing IT to India. I wonder if he'll be in line for a bonus this year?

Thankfully for me as a northerner, BA is "off grid". Why do they expect everyone to travel to LHR / LGW before getting to their final destination? Are they in cahoots with the London hotel industry, as if you do insist on using BA (say from Manchester), the first shuttle arrives in London too late to catch the early flights to Europe.

Lufthansa are not without fault, but they do by and large have the decency of allowing their German citizens to travel DIRECT from either Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich to their chosen destination.

Rant over.

Any - British Airways - daveyjp
Considering they say it was all due to a power cut it doesn't say much about their business continuity plan.

Any - British Airways - Wackyracer

I stopped using BA when their customers service proved to be "talk to the hand 'cos the face ain't listening".

They cancelled my flight and put me on a later plane in 2012 (due to not enough passengers on each flight) that is fine but, they never informed me of this until I got to the airport to check in my baggage. They were completely ignorant of the fact that I had a train to catch in Kiev and that train only leaves once a day. They thought giving me a £10 food and drink voucher was being more than generous enough even though it was going to cost me a night in a hotel in Kiev and another train ticket for the following day (not always possible to get a place on the train at late notice).

Then had a few other issues with them and talking to BA India is like talking to a brick wall.

Any - British Airways - Falkirk Bairn

BA cabin staff went on strike in november 1971 - 11 hour flight took 2.5 days.& I had paid £212 = £4000 today!

In work I flew say 2 x month for 30 years & I avoided BA except maybe a dozen occasions

Any - British Airways - Avant

BA stands for Baggage in Amsterdam. That just about sums them up.

Any - British Airways - concrete

It is a pity they lost the plot. They were good once and can be again with the right leadership. When I lived in the North and had to fly anywhere it was much easier and sometimes cheaper to fly to Amsterdam and use KLM. Very good airline. For long haul stuff too it worked well. Otherwise manchester is a really good hub. Agree about LHR or LGW. Such a trek to get in and out of. Badly thought out strategy. When I used to visit our London office I would use the train.

Cheers Concrete

Any - British Airways - sandy56

BA is heading for oblivion unless they decide to look after their customers. Anyone who decides to travel via London to get anywhere has lost their marbles. Its better to use any alternative and I have tried. I have used AMsterdam for many years for any long haul flights , although the airport has become very crowded recently with more developments and capacity, and I am considering other options.

Any - British Airways - Happy Blue!

Flying from Manchester (it is my home airport, within a 30 minute drive and also via tram and train), I never fly BA unless the times and the flights are 100% perfect for me. I usually fly either direct (if possible from Manchester) or via a European hub, which in the case of many of my flight, are so efficient it only adds about 90/120 minutes to the overall trip and is usually a lot cheaper. Flying via Heathrow (of course you cannot fly to gatwick anymore from MAN), the treatment of pasengers who are not Business or First Class is disgusting (stand there, not here thats for Business Class, sorry no food).

Last time I flew BA, I was stuck by a window next a huge bloke who smelled, the legroom was crippling (I am only 5'7") and the flight was late - it was only heathrow to Manchester as well. Never again - not after last weeks fiasco.


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