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Hi all, I replaced the slave cylinder and clutch a few months back - but NOT the dual mass flywheel - for money reasons. Garage did advise me to change it at the time. Reason for this was that the clutch hit the floor due to the slave cyclinder failing. Garage said I could get the car back on the road cheaply by simply changing the clutch and slave cylinder. So this is what I did..

My skoda (has 142k miles) and now requires a new cam belt, full service brakes & discs, totally around £1000. If I changed the dmf this will shoot the price up by around another £600.

My question is - how do I know if the dmf is on it's way out, and should I be changing it now.

The car does not sound like a bag of spanners, The only indication I may have is that when accelerating to around 40-50 mph the car shakes - nothing serious at all and the slight shakes goes when getting to around 60 - 70 mph. This could be due to the tires that need replacing. Other than that the car is perfect.

I am now at cross roads with my Skods - do I spend loads on it or get rid. Current value of the car is around £1800.

Thanks in advance for any advice give.


Skoda Octavia - Dual Mass Flywheel - Peter.N.

If it sounds, feels and drives OK it probably is. DMF's and clutches will last a long time if driven with consideration, my Peugeot 406 did around 250k miles on the originals.

Skoda Octavia - Dual Mass Flywheel - Big John

I wouldn't include the cost of servicing / brakes in your calculations to keep the car as whatever you buy will also need maintaining. However I would consider the overall condition of the car.

If it's pre DPF diesel - then that's a plus point to keep - early implementations of DPF's were poor

If your Dual Mass Flywheel is on it's way out this usually shows up as a rattle at tickover to start with that goes away when the clutch pedal is depressed. Car shaking at certain speeds sounds like tyres out of balance but if it does it when setting off then i'd worry about the DMF

I don't own my previous 1.9 pd 2003 Superb anymore but I know it's still going strong on it's original DMF & Clutch at over 192k miles - Infact it still has original battery and exhaust as well!

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